Oh to be in New Zealand

Th FT of 21st January had an item by the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ‘New Zealand hopes to lead the world with wellness-based policies’, which was perhaps, ostensibly pretty pedestrian-based stuff. But it has notable insight. Starting with: Ours was the first country where all women won the right to vote back in… Read more

Counter-cyclical Job Guarantee or Universal Basic Income as An Economic Stabliser?

A very interesting recent post from Ivan Horrocks leads me to think a Job Guarantee is clearly possible, but it seems to me to be particularly suited for school leavers. For those worried about the country’s lack of work ethic, who, anecdotally at least, so often seem themselves to be in financial services or property… Read more

Nasty party government

Bloomberg has a piece headed ‘The Colossal Price of Theresa May’s Immigration Obsession‘. It suggests: [The]control of British borders is probably the most indelible of May’s red lines in the Brexit negotiations. Even though she voted remain, she was always the fiercest champion of the Conservative Party’s promise to cut yearly net migration to the… Read more

The Rule of Law is in jeopardy

We now learn that Nigel Evans, Tory MP, falsely accused of sexual misdemeanors, would have voted against the legal aid reforms that he supported in government. And the ‘Secret Barrister’ says that, without Legal Aid, the Rule of Law collapses. He seeks to suggest that, just that, is occurring. It is nightmarish… This goes to… Read more

What have we done?

A rather moving – and now (sorry) belated Christmas thought for us from the German Green MEP, Terry Reintke. Hey UK friends. I just had to do this. MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄💖🇬🇧✨🇪🇺 pic.twitter.com/uz9NpnoB2J — Terry Reintke (@TerryReintke) December 20, 2018  … Read more

Homeless heritage

So near to Christmas, it is heartbreaking to hear of the appalling deaths of people who are homeless, which have increased by almost a quarter – simply over the last five years. This is especially so, when, for the second time this year there was a death in Westminster’s back yard and the homeless man… Read more

Making politics matter again

It is interesting that recent developments indicate that Parliament is supreme. Little intricacies like calling the government into contempt as a result of its actions prove that Parliament is indeed the highest court in the land. I fear this is indicative that – up till now most MPs, just as they seem not to know… Read more