Brown on Corbyn

Obviously (see the poppy) not an up to date video – but I am awestruck by the incisiveness, intelligence and coherence. How very last decade… and how it is now missed. In the circumstances, Gordon Brown’s opinion is worthy of some considerable note, I suggest. Brown seems to be seriously heading towards the money out… Read more

The comments on Labour anti-semitism are harmful to Jews

I’m sure most readers will agree wholeheartedly with the point David Graeber is making below – but I do think we should spread it around. After all, with half a million Labour Party members, just statistically, some anti-semites will probably be among them. But it pales into insignificance compared with Conservative Islamophobia for example –… Read more

Immigrants help us…

This is straightforward Labour Party evangalism, for which I perhaps ought to apologise, but I (and I reckon that many of our readers might well) agree absolutely. It is a counteraction to the untruthful Tory idea that immigrants are a problem, when in fact immigrants are invariably younger and more active than most and do… Read more