Who is our economy for?

So the ‘I’ submits that Sunak needs us all to go out and spend into the economy in order to get the economy going. Yet by doing so we might encourage the distribution of a sometimes fatal virus… This is an elected representative of ours suggesting we have to have regard to the economy as… Read more

Green Transport for Goods

As in a past life I used to run a transport fleet of refrigerated goods vehicles, I’ve always retained an interest in how road transport distribution could be made greener. ‘My fleet’ was only about 40 in total but lorries were thinly scattered and based nationwide, which was often challenging. So I was interested to… Read more

Why furlough should be available permanently

Germany has had a partial unemployment or short time working scheme since the 1900s. According to the FT: The tool is Kurzarbeit, or shorter work-time, a policy that has been copied by so many other countries that one economist called it one of Germany’s “most successful exports”. Under the scheme, companies hit by a downturn… Read more