The Mental illness of current British politics

There is an impressive article in the ‘i’ from Ian Dunt on the everyday dissembling of Johnson and his – and actually our – government. What we’re seeing here is not standard-issue political cynicism. It is something qualitatively different: a conscious effort to eradicate the notion of objective truth as an operating principle in British… Read more

Convenience Foods

I’ll keep this short – but I would recommend this article in ‘The Grocer’ by food journalist, Joanna Blythman ‘Reformulation does not solve the problem of processed convenience foods.’ She is absolutely spot on – reducing a few select ingredients in what might be called ‘confected’ food, is useless. We need people to cook. And… Read more

All for an arbitrary lack of money

Having listened to BBC Radio4’s ‘Front Row’ it demonstrates that the arts, whose members are supposedly progressive and original thinkers are, like so many others, completely brainwashed into the idea that they must find ‘other’ commercial sponsorship because government money is so limited. The theatre producer and owner, Nica Burns, has said she will endeavour… Read more

Johnson’s government proves the truth of ‘perfidious albion’

This tweet from the BBC’s Europe correspondent provides another possible reason for Johnson’s Internal Market Bill: Katya Adler@BBCkatyaadler Opinion amongst EU diplomats is broadly that IF PM is talking about EU threatening integrity of UK endangering peace in NIreland etc IN ORDER to eventually sell idea to Tory party that doing a trade deal with… Read more