The ‘wages’ of immigration are actually most likely, rent

As, personally, a ‘remainer’, we need to speak about wages. It seems that a lot of the original talk that EU immigration had a small – or less – effect on wages was not entirely correct – and let’s be straight about that. It did not actually seem right to me at the time and… Read more

The inequality of bus travel

A well researched report on that transport of the Common Man – or the man on the Clapham omnibus at least – is here and suggests that all is not well… As only about a third of the poorest 10% of households have access to a car or van, many are, unsurprisingly, highly dependent on… Read more

A sane response to a mad society

Is an idea from the psychologist and doctor, R.D. Laing, which was thought highly radical at the time, but I’d suggest it is now unarguable. We are regularly told that government is increasing the spend on mental health treatment – even when it doesn’t seem to materialise… But the real problem with mental health is… Read more

The money tree is not magic but real

We used to think, with good reason, that globalization had defanged national governments. Presidents cowered before the bond markets. Prime ministers ignored their country’s poor but never Standard & Poor’s. Finance ministers behaved like Goldman Sachs’s knaves and the International Monetary Fund’s satraps. So commences this excellent piece from Yanis Varousakis (well worth reading in… Read more

Michael Hudson at 80 – reflects on his remarkable life:

This is one hour and five minutes so I must indicate, not a quick listen. But nonetheless, given the connections and career of the economist and polymath, Michael Hudson, it is a very interesting verbal autobiography… He’s both been there and done that and also later researched something else… I think it was Steve Keen… Read more

High street decimation

Complacent ‘market will provide’ government, over-leveraged corporate retailers, and the greed of landlords, seem to have done for the high street. If helped along, but only helped along by covid lockdown. Which actually goes to prove that you have to invest in order to retail properly. A bit of theatre perhaps, but mostly that investment… Read more

‘Subverted by thuggery’ or are we living in revolutionary times?

How Johnson can realistically hold that chucking a statue of Edward Colston into the water is thuggery I really do not know – and he was, after all, supposed to know a bit about thuggery himself. If he’d pointed out that the South West England especially, had for centuries, been subject to kidnapping and slavery… Read more