Gang culture for toffs? understanding the right wing mind – part three

Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime minister, who I’ve referred to previously, also has another good quote: I have never thought about my age or gender. I think more about the motivations that brought me into politics. Here is somebody concerned not about her interest group (or ‘gang’), but fired up about why she wants to… Read more

The competitive insecurity of money as a religion

‘Le Monde’ and also – in more detail – the ‘New York Times’ have reported on President Macron’s interesting recent efforts in West Africa. Macron has persuaded the ex French West African colonies to abolish their previous ‘CFA’ currency, requiring 50% of foreign currency reserves to be kept in the French Treasury (who knew?). A… Read more

The poison of disinformation

Five years too late I have discovered this short piece on ‘non-linear warfare’. But its conclusions still hold true: It is very much links up with this thoughtful piece by Adam Ramsay on Open Democracy, which speaks of the ‘poison of disinformation’. Most people are thoroughly disorientated and the Mainstream Media are, intentionally or not,… Read more

The unmaking of Britain

This is an interesting article from the former BBC and FT jounalist, Chris Cook, on ex PM Cameron’s book, which is well worth reading (the article that is – not the book!) It is a pretty excoriating piece on the vacuousness of Cameron – with which sentiment, unsurprisingly, he suggests, Dominic Cummings amongst others, agrees…. Read more