Nasty party government

Bloomberg has a piece headed ‘The Colossal Price of Theresa May’s Immigration Obsession‘. It suggests: [The]control of British borders is probably the most indelible of May’s red lines in the Brexit negotiations. Even though she voted remain, she was always the fiercest champion of the Conservative Party’s promise to cut yearly net migration to the… Read more

Happy New Year

Flip Chart Rick – he of Flip Chart Fairy Tales – and usually well worth reading – is presumably, along with Sajid Javid, even now peering into the the distance somewhere on the South Coast. Fortunately he has a New Year tweet rather appropriate for the times: “Can we swap Grayling, Farage, Redwood and Rees-Mogg for… Read more

What have we done?

A rather moving – and now (sorry) belated Christmas thought for us from the German Green MEP, Terry Reintke. Hey UK friends. I just had to do this. MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄💖🇬🇧✨🇪🇺 — Terry Reintke (@TerryReintke) December 20, 2018  … Read more

2019 will be the least happy of New Years

The ONS has issued some worrying sectoral balance statistics (first chart below – click to enlarge), which show that for the last eight quarters running, domestic household expenditure has been propped up by borrowing. In other words households spent more than their incomes. As is suggested by the increasing numbers of visitors to food banks,… Read more

Homeless heritage

So near to Christmas, it is heartbreaking to hear of the appalling deaths of people who are homeless, which have increased by almost a quarter – simply over the last five years. This is especially so, when, for the second time this year there was a death in Westminster’s back yard and the homeless man… Read more

Champagne evidence

As it’s very nearly Christmas it might be rather interesting to look at French Champagne imports! The chart below shows the top five importers of Champagne in millions of 75cl bottles in 2017: Britain, with about a fifth of the population of the US, manages pole position and to drink more than the US. And… Read more

Belief in Brexit

Dr Robert Saunders of Queen Mary College, London has a very good take on the thinking of the Brexiters and how it is not so much delusions of empire that motivates them, but delusions of capability. He calls it “The Tinkerbell Theory of History”. Tinkerbell was a flawed fairy character from ‘Peter Pan’ who was… Read more