Media myopia isn’t the only crime – but it is one of the worst

While all eyes are turned upon the possibility of preventing a proroguing of Parliament (the spoof twitter account ‘Not Boris Johnson’ is currently thanking the 274 MPs who voted in favour of him closing down Parliament and running a dictatorship instead, whilst ‘Our future our choice’ has, wonderfully, dubbed Johnson as Trump with a Thesaurus),… Read more

Non inflationary Basic Income

By putting a price on everything in terms of monetary value, we devalue the things that cannot effectively be priced. This is a rough quote from Professor Guy Standing, he of Universal Income fame, from a recent ‘Renegade Inc’ interview. So happiness is both priceless and worthless. Anyway Professor Guy Standing has produced a report… Read more

Why any job guarantee is a bit suspect

There is an excellent article on Vox reviewing David Greaber’s ideas on ‘Bullshit Jobs. “The point of an economy should be to maximize leisure in order to pursue passions, not “make work.” This is also, I’d suggest, effectively Mariana Mazzucato, who infoms that the state usually creates the origination, as it were, of most original… Read more

Anti-semitism is not Labour

There is a very instructive article on Labour’s supposed anti-semitism, which has long been a trumped up charge in my view. It is written by Jonathan Rosenhead, Emeritus Professor of Operational Research at the London School of Economics, and also Chair of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine. So I suppose suspicions might… Read more

Keeping Corbyn Out

This is from the latest blog post from Jonathan Cook. I consider it all worth reading, but in case you decide against, the final paragraph is worth some attention: As long as we colluded in the manufactured consensus of western societies, the system operated without challenge or meaningful dissent. A deeply ideological system destroying the… Read more