Diversity is Key

I’ve for some time been trying to advocate much greater diversity in the UK economy and I’ve often linked to this research, which suggests that economically diverse countries are more prosperous. To quote directly: inequality lives within a range of values that are determined by your underlying industrial structure. Which, being translated, means that if… Read more

Can you have too much education?

When Charles Adams posted “unless we stop thinking of education as a commodity, we will fall behind.” it set me thinking whether we should be offering a tertiary education as of right. Historically and indeed up until quite recently we have been gradually raising the school leaving age and now it is in effect 18… Read more

The payments balance…

There has been much discussion both here on Progressive Pulse as well as at Tax Reseach UK on where money comes from and what has come to be known as Modern Monetary Theory – usually referred to as MMT. I am far from alone in thinking that this basic outlook is not a theory but… Read more

Meritocratic failure

There is an interesting review of Talent vs Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure from the University of Catania (the main University in Sicily). They start from the idea that there is a Gaussian distribution of talent (as I understand it, this Gaussian distribution is just a normal distribution, so if, say,… Read more

Positive Money – game on perhaps?

Positive Money have now privately admitted to me that the statistic that 97% of money is created by private banks is very ‘confusing’ because it ignores the other sources of money creation. That is a start. Positive Money are clear that our governments do not tax and spend (see the ProgressivePulse post from Charles Adams… Read more

Continental Differences – again…

Thinking about my legal reflections on Napoleonic Europe, differences are very often about philosophy. This sounds grand but isn’t really. We just need a little more thought. When I worked in France I encountered roadsigns that seemed to me completely doolally. Some pointed across the roads to which they were supposed to indicate the destination,… Read more