Too busy in the City – versus the advantage of local banks

There is an interesting new interview from Renegade Inc with Professor Richard Werner: Presenter, Ross Ashcroft quotes: “As the Russian Proverb goes: There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.”  And that is Quantitative Easing (QE), which term of course Richard Werner invented. But now, more important, I’d suggest are his ideas on local… Read more

The inequality of bus travel

A well researched report on that transport of the Common Man – or the man on the Clapham omnibus at least – is here and suggests that all is not well… As only about a third of the poorest 10% of households have access to a car or van, many are, unsurprisingly, highly dependent on… Read more

Johnson Time

This is a lovely bit of detective work and shows Johnson for the serial lier that he is. He seems not to be able to help himself – he is just so cavalier he cannot avoid the opportunity of overtly sympathising with the loss of the people of Plymouth, but just not doing it at… Read more

Government is brutalising society

There was a very interesting post via Novara Media’s TyskySour programme (about 30 minutes in) discussing Thursday’s murders in Plymouth. The writer said: I’d internalised a lot of shame around my disability, mental health issues etc, feeling disgusting and unwanted, and I absolutely had a sense of wounded entitlement as well. Left institutions like Novara… Read more