Saving to ensure our talents don’t go to waste – by Keir Starmer

I’ve examined further Keir Starmer’s recent speech conducted without an audience where he said: Today, our moral crusade must be to address the inequalities and injustices that this [Covid] crisis has so brutally exposed. I think this is a very fair point. Keir Starmer suggests it is not just a political question, it is an… Read more

Keir Starmer inches towards radical finance ideas

I was certainly delighted that Keir Starmer suggested ‘Recovery bonds’ as a method – in order to, well, recover from the Covid hangover. Yes, most on Progressive Pulse know that government creates money out of thin air so never needs bonds. But others of us might like bonds in order that those savings might earn… Read more

Power trip

A good article in the Byline Times contains this quote from Gove: “You should be able to buy a bulb in Bedford and plant it in a garden in Ballymena without destroying the single market” he told peers. They comment: Perhaps he should have considered that back in 2016. Perhaps, actually, he should have taken… Read more