More and more local authorities are ready to go bust

According to the Local Government Chronicle, Manchester City Council is contemplating a section 114 notice (effectively a declaration of bankruptcy) and Leeds and Liverpool city councils, Wiltshire Council, Cumbria CC and Windsor & Maidenhead are all thought to be in a similar position. London boroughs have also warned of ‘catastrophic’ cuts and council tax rises… Read more

Government’s purpose: justice and money

This ‘Harpers’ article demonstrates why progressing out of lockdowm will be so difficult – and the rent overhang demonstrates how recovery is unlikely to be speedy. All this could change instantly if government understood or even suggested that money is state created and not created by the private sector … The article says: The quarterly… Read more

Tories say that UK is open for investment but not for exploitation

The interesting proposal to protect UK companies essential to public health from foreign takeover is long overdue and does show that even the current government has actually learnt something…. Maybe they could also learn that the ‘free’ market should not be allowed to be quite so free and that the UK should have considerable, sustainable… Read more

Understanding the right wing mind – a little more

There is an interesting rather old article in none other than the Mail online, which suggests that “right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers”. Perhaps I should just stop there… It is a peer reviewed study published in ‘Psychological Science‘ by academics at Brock University in Ontario, based on two cohorts of British children who… Read more

Faking the knee

Amid Dominic Raab’s complete incoherence on ‘taking the knee’ as being something to do with the Game of Thrones – indeed he probably thinks that the programme is his current job spec… Clive Lewis (MP) has suggested that: I believe “Taking a knee” can be traced back a tad further than Game of Thrones. One… Read more

Dire news for theatres and bad news for the rest of us

Cameron Mackintosh, the theatre impresario, knows which side his bread is buttered. The Guardian reports that: Mackintosh, his producing partners and Delfont Mackintosh Theatres are starting a process of consultation over potential redundancies for all employees on the four productions. [  Les Misérables, Mary Poppins, Hamilton and The Phantom of the Opera ] Mackintosh said that despite the government… Read more