Unless building back better is a metaphor…

It doesn’t look to have much prospect of coming about. The Independent reports: Builders are being forced to down tools amid a “perfect storm for construction” which is putting the UK’s economic recovery in doubt, industry groups have warned. The cost of building materials has soared by 20 per cent, exacerbating the problems facing an… Read more

The ‘wages’ of immigration are actually most likely, rent

As, personally, a ‘remainer’, we need to speak about wages. It seems that a lot of the original talk that EU immigration had a small – or less – effect on wages was not entirely correct – and let’s be straight about that. It did not actually seem right to me at the time and… Read more

Opting out of what you regulate and run…

A brief and probably, random thought – shouldn’t an incoming progressive government make it illegal for MP’s themselves to use either private healthcare or private education? Initially at least, I cannot see much wrong with that – provided that we get such a government… That would have the effect of encouraging those who wanted to… Read more

U-turns needed…

Apparently Johnson has said that: Universal credit claimants should rely on their own ‘efforts’ and not welfare. The man has no self-awareness. He gets free accommodation but still manages not to be able to fund his home’s initial redecoration. He is demonstrably part of the feckless rich. But Johnson made a robust defence of the… Read more

Public Health Collaboration

I’m delighted to report that my favourite Cardiologist (I’m sure we all have one…) has created, rather similarly to Independent Sage, an Independent Public Health England. According to the ‘i’ it is called Public Health Collaboration and chaired by cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra – the article in the ‘i’ states: Public Health Collaboration chair Dr… Read more