Slag heap talking

This slogan has appeared entirely appropriately on a slag heap in Midsomer Norton in Somerset. Although he is better known as an ‘investment banker’, the Rees-Mogg wealth was of course based on the North Somerset coal mines, which was where his inherited fortune originates…. Read more

The comments on Labour anti-semitism are harmful to Jews

I’m sure most readers will agree wholeheartedly with the point David Graeber is making below – but I do think we should spread it around. After all, with half a million Labour Party members, just statistically, some anti-semites will probably be among them. But it pales into insignificance compared with Conservative Islamophobia for example –… Read more

In favour of a form of nationalisation – but with the co-operative dividend

I encountered an incisive summary of why nationalisation is a good idea – even though, personally, I consider it, as usually understood, often, less than ideal… There are five reasons in favour: Privatisation has failed Public ownership would save billions Public ownership is successful Public ownership is popular The NHS All of which I certainly… Read more

The Independant reports on the nasty party at work

‘The Independent’ – about whose ownership I am somewhat dubious, seems nonetheless to have had some interesting and informative reporting recently. They publicised a recent report which shows that “£15bn of health service contracts have been handed to private companies since 2015.” Free at the point of use it may be but when private companies are making… Read more

Egos ‘r’ us

Should really be the motto of the Conservative Party. Not only have they drawn up a ‘smearing manual’, full of falsehoods and half-truths to use against both Labour and the LibDems, but they also have threatened to review Channel Four’s broadcasting licence, because the Channel not unreasonably, chose to replace Johnson’s non appearance with a… Read more