Victim Support needed

Labour has, I suggest, to become, in essence, the ‘victim support’ party. Victim support is an independent charity in England and Wales that provides specialist practical and emotional support to victims (and witnesses) of crime. Politically, because the Tories show themselves as now so psychopathic, I’d suggest that most of us are victims of our,… Read more

Lying leads to incoherence

This is a really good piece in the ‘i’ from Ian Dunt. He recounts the disaster of the office supplies previously mentioned… He goes on to say that the current government is: An administration which has a sorry relationship with truthfulness, crumbling under its own contradictions. That’s being kind… But of more consequence, he points… Read more

Understanding the Right Wing mind – a further small insight….

Was suggested by an interesting recent Guardian (or perhaps it was Observer?) article – anyway it is here, by Nick Cohen. It encompasses public health, obesity and diet – about which he is at one with ProgressivePulse – by way of the Dimbleby Food report. Henry Dimbleby is apparently another Old Etonian, who seemed to… Read more

Financialised capitalism simply misunderstands living

I think this is worth highlighting, simply because it shows how crude capitalism misunderstands life’s purpose. Like the economy capitalism exists to service the needs of people. Of course we then come round to which people? I would say people in general. Most ardent capitalists maintain that this is anyway the effect of capitalism. But… Read more

Does partygate give an opportunity for national reunion?

I wonder if Johnson’s brazen lying abilities – partygate seems to be the obvious misrepresentation whose lying hypocrisy seems finally to have hit home – might be, actually, the get out clause to bring together Leavers and Remainers? After all Leave leader Johnson has been now demonstrated to everyone as a brazen lier. Could we… Read more

It should never be veganuary in this or any other month

An excellent article by food journalist, Joanna Blythman in the (Glasgow) Herald, whose thoughts reflect my own: Johnson clearly hasn’t been in control of his weight for years. It took coronavirus to make him realise that those extra stones he’s been carrying are a marker for poor metabolic health, which predisposes you to all sorts… Read more