Frost’s views?

People may not be aware that Lord Frost, our appalling Brexit Minister, (sorry, Minister for EU relations) used to be in charge of the Scotch Whisky Association – and this is what he said at the time: We must wonder when his damascene conversion to Brexit happened? Or does he just absorb information like a… Read more

Howard League for Penal Reform has excellent ideas

The outgoing Chairwoman of the Howard League for Penal Reform, the appropriately named, Frances Crook, has written an excellent summary of what she is asking of Dominic Raab, the recently arrived Justice Secretary: The Howard League has developed an outline plan and we will build on the ideas in a series of blog postings over… Read more

Brexit going too well.. Northern Ireland. A couple of minutes of explanation: Of course, we couldn’t possibly have a part of the UK avoiding the Tory dystopian chaos – and where practicality might, for once, trump ideology – could we? As the Byline Times points out: Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, there is an interesting control experiment occurring as… Read more