Hegemony in the UK means there’s no need for a “coup” after Brexit

In his recent blog http://www.progressivepulse.org/brexit/the-state-of-the-unions-between-england-scotland-and-northern-ireland my fellow PP blogger, Sean Danaher, makes his usual excellent dissection of recent polls on the subject of Brexit and the way this may impact relations between the various countries of the UK and Ireland, and specifically the potential for creating opportunities for a united Ireland and independent Scotland. Sean also… Read more

The secrecy of the secret ballot

Having been uneasy at the recent voting identity trials which were completely unjustified by the evidence, I wrote to my MP, taking advantage to raise at the same time the question of a lack of any actual secret ballot – as an identifying number is put on each ballot paper stub. To my surprise he… Read more

Justice for Serco?

Oh dear. It seems the replacement Justice Minister for Philip Lee is  a former top boss of outsourcing firm Serco, which enjoys millions of pounds from UK government contracts and which manages five prisons in England and Wales. As far as I can remember it is still under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office over… Read more

Minister Resigns on Principle Shock

Philip Lee, the – Secretary of State for Youth Justice in the Justice Department resigned yesterday, Tuesday 12 June. Whilst most attention shone on what it meant for the Prime Minister, the man himself had, in his resignation statement, some interesting things to say, which are well worth highlighting. …as the [Brexit] negotiations are unfolding,… Read more

“The UK’s bargaining power, with A50 untriggered, would have been much greater.”

The title is a quote from a recent Simon Wren Lewis blog on the disastrous Brexit performance of our current, so called government. I’ve always maintained that Theresa May is easily the worst Prime Minister since the Second World War. I’m, in an odd way, reassured that Simon Wren Lewis has written an excoriating article… Read more

Windrush convictions

It appears that our new home secretary, Sajid Javid, has yet to get to grips with his new position. He was on yesterday’s Andrew Marr programme suggesting that 32 of those ‘Windrush’ arrivals found by the government to have been wrongly deported were in fact “serious offenders”, so would not be entitled to compensation. Apart… Read more

Potholes, neglect and the wanton vandalism of local infrastructure

No one who uses any form of road transport can have missed the appalling condition of roads in England. But here I need to add an immediate qualifier: I’m talking specifically about urban, suburban and rural roads that fall under the responsibility of local highway authorities (i.e. local councils). I’m not talking about the motorways… Read more