Millennial Hope

It is interesting that it appears (see the video link that follows) that spontaneous singing for Jeremy Corbyn broke out at the Boardmasters Festival in Newquay. Having spent much of the last weeks in Cornwall (not, I regret, at Boardmasters!) it is clear that like many in the rest of the country the Cornish largely… Read more

Framing the economy (continued)- Project Household

Having earlier tried to demonstrate that the economy is a construct to enable greater overall prosperity, and that money within it usually serves to derail this value, there is no avoiding the most recurring misinterpretation – that the economy works like any old household. Unless Project Airbus can be seen as a household the economy… Read more

Budgetary Sleight of Hand

This is rather a good video from Momentum. It is in the same vein as Simon Wren-Lewis’s suggestion that Conservative budgetary aims are based on deceit not ignorance:   Sam has got just one question – and if anyone can answer it, he'll vote for the @Conservatives for the rest of his life. —… Read more

The failing state (continued): Policing in Conservative Britain

The World Economic Forum has issued a rather informative video on violent crime in Scotland – and in particular Glasgow – showing how improvement happened by treating the problem as one of poverty and ill-health. It changed things by looking at violence in a totally different way. Read more: — World Economic Forum… Read more

Am I bovvered?

Or as a recent rather interesting, even illuminating, FT article has it “I can’t be arsed.” The author, an American, now returning to the US after writing FT editorials for a while thinks that “stubbornness is the secret to Britishness.” He thinks Brits are “stubborn, intractable and uppity.” So that could, perhaps explain Brexit, in… Read more

Don’t let the Cons tell you they didn’t know…

Andrew Dickie, formerly of this parish, has kindly provided a pictorial quote to accompany his assertion that my view of Cameron and Osborne’s incompetence in the previous blog was either somewhat rose-tinted or more probably downright misleading. Theirs was not incompetence but was, in short, malevolence. I fear I must stand corrected.   It compares… Read more

The incompetence of Osborne and Cameron

An interesting study by Warwick University, reported here in the Huffington Post, shows a remarkably high correlation between the effects of austerity and voting Brexit, as the map below suggests. “In other words, by curtailing the welfare state, austerity has likely activated a broad range of existing economic grievances that have developed over a long… Read more