Health to me – but not government

With those toe-curling pictures of Johnson toasting health, while Britain was in full lockdown and many were not allowed to visit dying relatives, we have established that there is absolutely nothing in government’s so called accountability…. We have now the probability of the Metropolitan Police not having investigated Partygate as comprehensively as they could in… Read more

The only fascist state where the trains do not run on time…

If the UK is not a failed state it seems well on the way to a fascist one, now that the Lords has voted down amendments that would disallow the Electoral Commission to be supervised by a government minister – a scheme that the Electoral Commission itself argued against. Photographic identity is to be compulsory… Read more

Met Police crisis accurately reflects Conservative small government narrative…

I think that Priti Patel , who had to pay out for unfair dismissal (let us not forget) for her bullying, is entirely unsuited to any part in recruiting a police officer. Chief or Constable. She has nonetheless said that she needs “strong and decisive leadership” to restore confidence in the Metropolitan Police. It is… Read more

Cressida Dick’s resignation and iznomoney…

Her resignation is, I suggest, long overdue. She should have taken the command hit for instructing her officers to kill Jean Charles de Menezes and being complicit in constructing a false report around his death. She should also have properly investigated ‘Vote Leave’. and acknowledged police institutional corruption – even if and when it was… Read more

Particular threat for the Met Police

Many organisations are going to face a huge challenge trying to rebuild public trust when this government is finally thrown out. And surely and most prominently, the Metropolitan Police will find it particularly difficult? Their chief, who was probably a onetime spy, are now too close to this overtly corrupt, Conservative government, to suggest they… Read more