Particular threat for the Met Police

Many organisations are going to face a huge challenge trying to rebuild public trust when this government is finally thrown out. And surely and most prominently, the Metropolitan Police will find it particularly difficult? Their chief, who was probably a onetime spy, are now too close to this overtly corrupt, Conservative government, to suggest they… Read more

Howard League for Penal Reform has excellent ideas

The outgoing Chairwoman of the Howard League for Penal Reform, the appropriately named, Frances Crook, has written an excellent summary of what she is asking of Dominic Raab, the recently arrived Justice Secretary: The Howard League has developed an outline plan and we will build on the ideas in a series of blog postings over… Read more

Dick by name…

The usually right wing Nick Ferrari yesterday interviewed the Commissioner Of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, on LBC. She maintained that : She was “very disappointed” that @ExtinctionR are returning to London this month. She says she doesn’t believe London supports such disruption and describes it as “frustrating”. Perhaps the disruption of flooding or of… Read more

When it’s a good time to be a criminal it is evidence of government failure

Johnson’s recent article in the Sunday Express, which is also likely to be the subject of a speech on Tuesday, received short shrift from the Secret Barrister who pointed out: Johnson’s idea that “making this country safe is the single best and most effective way of levelling up” is empty rhetoric when you fail to… Read more