Why distributism is good for us

Distributism is an idea which is supposed to have originated from a Papal encyclical in the 1890s. Being areligious I confess this rather puts me off. But this does not mean such a declaration cannot have a valuable core. Chesterton and Belloc, both Catholics of course, saw it as a ‘third way’ (although I’m sure they didn’t use the phrase) and as an alternative to both Socialism and Capitalism. It offered a method of avoiding both bureaucratic state socialism and capitalist monopolies, which few would now dispute are indeed both best avoided.
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Simple Strategies for Optimising Mental Health. Or….. If all the world could go for a walk…..

In response to Peter May’s post of a few days ago, I didn’t want to leave Mental Health Awareness Week without mentioning some positive and potent lifestyle changes that can be adopted to combat the kind of low-grade  anxiety and depression many of us are now subject to. Anger, frustration, disquiet, helplessness, fuelled by division, have become the daily fare and you might go as far as to say that if you’re not depressed to some degree at the moment, then you might well be in need of some psychological help! It’s not easy. The World Health Organisation website tells us that the current generations is 4 times as depressed as the previous one and the previous one was ten times more depressed than the one before it. This depression epidemic should shock us to the core but we seem to be taking it in our stride. Perhaps it’s because so much is in crisis we don’t know where to look next. Just a thought. 🙂

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