‘Sheltering’ the Economy…

“Save lives, protect the NHS” and “shelter the economy” is, according to Laura Kuenssberg (and I’m sure Progressive Pulse readers will be well aware that I read no-one else) what Johnson now wants to do. It is ‘shelter the economy’ that I find more than usually fantastical. It is as though the economy were not… Read more

Understanding the right wing mind – a little more

There is an interesting rather old article in none other than the Mail online, which suggests that “right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers”. Perhaps I should just stop there… It is a peer reviewed study published in ‘Psychological Science‘ by academics at Brock University in Ontario, based on two cohorts of British children who… Read more

Policy based evidence making in action

Below is a recent tweet from sometime government appointee and journalist, Toby Young which indicates policy based evidence making in action. He’s not just looking for evidence – he’s looking for evidence it’s wrong! Toby Young@toadmeisterLooking for evidence that Imperial College’s modelling is wrong, the infection fatality rate is <0.4% and the Govt should have… Read more

Liberty, Equality and Accountability

No, Fraternity, isn’t part of this…. Nonetheless, I suggest this is a very powerful conclusion by Billy Bragg in an interesting podcast with the lawyer Adam Wagner, in which they talk about ‘agency’. I thought it very incisive as they, quite correctly in my view, suggest that neoliberalism gives ‘agency’ to both businessmen and ‘markets’… Read more

Impure thought

There is a lot to disagree with in James Bloodworth’s article here – yes, you read that right, in spite of his gripping book, ‘Hired’, I don’t agree with much in this piece at all! But I do think the conclusion is worth highlighting: Patriotism needn’t be flashy or tub-thumping. But it does begin with… Read more

And now 20 ways to try to prevent ‘Justice denied’

The Secret Barrister, he of book fame, has a wonderful tweet which recalls my previous piece on the criminal justice system but is much more detailed. It is unfortunately, even worse than I initially thought. I’ve linked to the thread here so if you are interested – and I think we all ought to be,… Read more