What finance does to us – especially when we don’t understand it…

The misunderstanding about money has undoubtedly led to us all guarding against disastrous debt instead of celebrating our collective spending power. We must not forget that financial debt originated as a social obligation (I was going to put an internet link in here but remarkably there is none so you will have to refer to… Read more

The Bank of England was founded on making money out of money

Going back to Christine Desan’s interview I think we can also take some interesting further conclusions: In creating the institution of the Bank of England not only was a Private Public Partnership created but also a mechanism for creating private money which had previously been the privilege of only the money created by the state… Read more

The original motivation of Christine Desan may be indicative…

……and even probably many of us all and perhaps of some of society in general…Christine Desan in discussing her book said she initially “majored in religion and sociology of religion”. The book itself ‘Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism’ is unfortunately expensive to buy but at least it is cheaper as a… Read more

The money tree is not magic but real

We used to think, with good reason, that globalization had defanged national governments. Presidents cowered before the bond markets. Prime ministers ignored their country’s poor but never Standard & Poor’s. Finance ministers behaved like Goldman Sachs’s knaves and the International Monetary Fund’s satraps. So commences this excellent piece from Yanis Varousakis (well worth reading in… Read more

Victims of the “the overwhelming might of the state”

This is a quote from Rishi Sunak, who is profiled in ‘Tatler’, which although I feel sure absolutely all our readers subscribe to, I will offer the link nonetheless. When your Chancellor is in ‘Tatler’ you have to realise that he has arrived – even if none of the rest of us has. (The article… Read more

Criminal Neglect

A recent article in the London ‘Evening Standard’ starts: Long before lockdown, lawyers warned the criminal justice system had reached breaking point. Investigations were under-resourced, courthouses had been sold off as hotels, courtrooms sat idle and by the end of 2019 the queue for crown court justice was over 37,000 cases long. Complainants, witnesses and… Read more

Common law looks as tho’ it is no longer sufficient for domocracy

The principle of subsidiarity is a European idea – and not just in Catholic Europe, but also in the local parish council. It is basically the idea that decisions should be made as locally as possible. Now, for Catholocism, I think the idea has long been honoured more in the breach than the observance, (though… Read more

‘Sheltering’ the Economy…

“Save lives, protect the NHS” and “shelter the economy” is, according to Laura Kuenssberg (and I’m sure Progressive Pulse readers will be well aware that I read no-one else) what Johnson now wants to do. It is ‘shelter the economy’ that I find more than usually fantastical. It is as though the economy were not… Read more

Understanding the right wing mind – a little more

There is an interesting rather old article in none other than the Mail online, which suggests that “right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers”. Perhaps I should just stop there… It is a peer reviewed study published in ‘Psychological Science‘ by academics at Brock University in Ontario, based on two cohorts of British children who… Read more