The Independant reports on the nasty party at work

‘The Independent’ – about whose ownership I am somewhat dubious, seems nonetheless to have had some interesting and informative reporting recently. They publicised a recent report which shows that “£15bn of health service contracts have been handed to private companies since 2015.” Free at the point of use it may be but when private companies are making… Read more

The Pothole Manifesto

Is, I think, an apt description of the 2019 Conservative Manifesto. Even the IFS considers the manifesto to be devoid of anything of great consequence – indeed the £2billion pothole fund maybe its star spending plan and would have been completely unneccesary if the Tories had actually funded local authorities properly. They seem belatedly to… Read more

Conservative Government mismanagement of the NHS is plain for all to see

The news last week that the delays and target failures in the NHS are substantially worse than ever before is regrettably, unsurprising. Dr Rachel Clarke has pointed out that since the Conservatives have been in government, surgical waiting lists have soared to 4.4 million; district nurses have been culled by 50%; 15,000 hospital beds have… Read more