Opting out of what you regulate and run…

A brief and probably, random thought – shouldn’t an incoming progressive government make it illegal for MP’s themselves to use either private healthcare or private education? Initially at least, I cannot see much wrong with that – provided that we get such a government… That would have the effect of encouraging those who wanted to… Read more

Fat news

In reply to this tweet: Alan Watson@DietHeartNews, replied in a way that was highly informative – and was for me a lightbulb moment! “Saturated” means chemically stable – nothing else! A fatty acid is saturated when all available carbon bonds are occupied – satisfied – with hydrogen. Saturates resist rancidity and free radical oxidation [which… Read more

Confuse the message, stay vague and blame the public

So Health Secretary, Sajid Javid was ‘feeling groggy’ and nonetheless, in fact, opted for the wrong Covid test. I feel tempted to ask whether these people have any advisors – I’m sure they do – but we know there exists throughout the cabinet a certain distrust of experts. It shows. Then Rishi Sunak and Boris… Read more

Mask wearing decisions…

Ahead of this afternoon’s trailed government announcement, there is a very good (and long!) thread by the Professor of Primary Care at Oxford, Trish Greenhalgh, on mask wearing here. To briefly and imperfectly summarise – there are very few reliable tests on maskwearing because they are virtually impossible to organise but such studies as there… Read more