Financialised capitalism simply misunderstands living

I think this is worth highlighting, simply because it shows how crude capitalism misunderstands life’s purpose. Like the economy capitalism exists to service the needs of people. Of course we then come round to which people? I would say people in general. Most ardent capitalists maintain that this is anyway the effect of capitalism. But… Read more

‘Bulb’ goes bust…

Or rather goes into administration… What that means is that, unless they can persuade anyone to buy the energy supplier – which is surely a folorn hope – it will actually be – what shall we say? ‘administered by the regulator.’ Or nationalised, on other words… How can the Tory neoliberal plan for capitalism continue… Read more

Surely Starmer could have said this without frightening the horses?

Even more so with Johnson’s frankly incoherent and shambolic ‘do forgive me’ speech: I didn’t think Corbyn was a great opposition leader at the time – but the current incumbent is, it seems to me, considerably worse… Though I profundly disagree with ‘Tory Fibs’ wealth creator’ comment, nonetheless, Corbyn had, one, at least, of the… Read more

The right wing mind – Political ‘Darvo’

The so-called Darvo system describes the psychological abuse of getting people to believe that they are responsible for the situation that, in fact, their controllers have caused. This idea was created by the University of Oregon Psychology Professor, Jennifer Freyd. Our government uses this all too regularly. Remarkably, people seem to have elected Conservatives regardless… Read more

‘Cash generative’ Morrisons…

I heard on Radio 4 this morning that like any supermarket, Morrisons was ‘cash generative’. I’m sure it is. That is allegedly the simple appeal for the New York private equity bid – and allegedly, too they have ‘assured’ that they will not engage in property sale and leaseback or any similar sell-off. As Morrisons… Read more