‘Cash generative’ Morrisons…

I heard on Radio 4 this morning that like any supermarket, Morrisons was ‘cash generative’. I’m sure it is. That is allegedly the simple appeal for the New York private equity bid – and allegedly, too they have ‘assured’ that they will not engage in property sale and leaseback or any similar sell-off. As Morrisons… Read more

This is, unbelievably, a member of our very own government – and is also a clip from the BBC….

I find it difficult to believe that this man considers that he is in charge of education. He has had months – if not more than a year – to organise CO2 monitors – or even air filters in schools, but has singularly failed to do so. Just see: It seems that he is a… Read more

Co-operation should be us

Have just attended – via Zoom – the new book launch of ‘Ours’ by the American thinker and author, Peter Barnes. His concept is that Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics (click to enlarge): allows us to ‘capture’ money from natural resources as well as from state facilitated functions such as financial trading or individual property rights… Read more

The NHS is unsafe in Conservative hands

This is the Coventry South MP, Zarah Sultana’s withering take: We might care to think too that since the Conservatives have come to power – and prior to Covid there are/were: 100,000 fewer doctors & nurses 17,000 fewer hospital beds 100 fewer A&E facilities Hospital waiting lists have doubled. That is a litany of the… Read more

Financialised capitalism never benefits equality

No less than the Institute for Economic Affairs has sanctioned a survey which suggests that the upcoming generations have little time for capitalism. The first two conclusions are: 1. Millennials have long been portrayed as a politically disengaged and apathetic generation. In recent years, however, that portrayal has changed drastically. The rise of mass movements… Read more