Sunak is the velvet glove sheltering the iron fist of total Tory control – that is the point of them

“I think there are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all frighten people and secondly, demoralise them.” said Tony Benn He needed to add – or certainly we do now – that the people should be heavily indebted too. When you can persuade the indebted that not only are they indebted but,… Read more

Basic Income and the Job Guarantee – further clarifications

There was a Centre for Innovation and Public Purpose discussion a month or two ago which I’ve been meaning to watch. Here Pavlina Tcherneva – together with a few interventions from Robert Sidelsky – was discussing in some practical detail, on the basis of her recent book, “The Case for a Job Guarantee” its benefits… Read more

Sunak is going to trash our economy and our lives

Sunak’s disastrous recently announced ‘Job Retention Scheme’ spoke of his desire to keep ‘viable’ jobs, which even the Telegraph thinks will not deliver, . He has given us no indication of those jobs he considers viable and as we all now know there is no objective viability – only Sunak’s bizarre and cruel political choice… Read more

‘Sheltering’ the Economy…

“Save lives, protect the NHS” and “shelter the economy” is, according to Laura Kuenssberg (and I’m sure Progressive Pulse readers will be well aware that I read no-one else) what Johnson now wants to do. It is ‘shelter the economy’ that I find more than usually fantastical. It is as though the economy were not… Read more

All for an arbitrary lack of money

Having listened to BBC Radio4’s ‘Front Row’ it demonstrates that the arts, whose members are supposedly progressive and original thinkers are, like so many others, completely brainwashed into the idea that they must find ‘other’ commercial sponsorship because government money is so limited. The theatre producer and owner, Nica Burns, has said she will endeavour… Read more

Proposals for a Scottish National Pension & Investment Fund (NPIF) – A guest post by Jim Osborne

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to crush economies around the world we are currently witnessing a boom in the financial sector and continuing inflation of asset values. This is a clear indication that at some point in the past a tipping point was reached and the real economy and the financial sector separated into two… Read more

The French are doing it so much better…

My piece yesterday bemoaned the arbitrary end of furlough and the complete lack of any clear-sighted direction for the economy. Indeed I now understand that the government’s ill thought out ‘kickstart’ scheme is in fact available only to those able to offer a minimum of 30 placements. No wonder Tesco is in favour and this… Read more

David Graeber RIP

I think I should flag up the untimely death of David Graeber, anthropology professor at the LSE and point to the obituary by his friend, Steve Keen here. David Graeber certainly helped me to understand money and especially debt, so I’m grateful to him and very sad for his untimely death at the age of… Read more

Conservatives are certainly no longer friends of business

‘Tory Fibs’ may see this as a moral choice – but it is actually rather simpler than that…. I certainly liked this question from Ian Blackford to Johnson at PMQ’s yesterday, stating that other nations (he could have pointed out, but didn’t, that all the comparitor nations were in the Eurozone and so had much… Read more