Sunak is wrong and Positive Money is actually right…

This from Positive Money, who I’ve been critical of in the past, is absolutely spot on – although never mind three things wrong that they advocate – I’d suggest that Sunak is actually completely lost – or perhaps, lying… Apologies for the double billing below – only the first one needs attention. ‘Fraid I cannot… Read more

Graphs from Indie Sage that are clearer than those at Johnson’s press conference

The first eighteen minutes of this Independent Sage presentation (below) show exactly why we need lockdown now and how ‘Real’ Sage were spot on when they recommended a ‘circuit-breaker’ in September. That, combined with the coincidence of school half-term, could in all likelihood have avoided the current month long or more lockdown. The statistics are… Read more

Common law looks as tho’ it is no longer sufficient for domocracy

The principle of subsidiarity is a European idea – and not just in Catholic Europe, but also in the local parish council. It is basically the idea that decisions should be made as locally as possible. Now, for Catholocism, I think the idea has long been honoured more in the breach than the observance, (though… Read more

Britain looks like a failed state

Where to start with Manchester? The Tories seem to think their election result based on the approval of about 43 % of the voters gives them absolute power. And that they can ride roughshod over the democratic and even clearly logical wishes of Britain’s third big city. It is instructive to read a tweet from… Read more