Bristol Pound to be transformed into Bristol Pay

The Bristol Pound, the most sophisticated local currency in Europe according to the late currency expert, Bernard Liteaer, seems now due for a certain demise – unfortunately. However, the Bristol Pound may be down but is not out – and says, in any case, it has always guaranteed everything in UKĀ£. It looks as though… Read more

High street decimation

Complacent ‘market will provide’ government, over-leveraged corporate retailers, and the greed of landlords, seem to have done for the high street. If helped along, but only helped along by covid lockdown. Which actually goes to prove that you have to invest in order to retail properly. A bit of theatre perhaps, but mostly that investment… Read more

A decade of over centralisation

This is a very instructive chart demonstrating how allegedly small government is really suppression of local control by Westminster knows best. Westminster hogs all the resources and employs more people. Local government gets starved of resources by cutting centrally provided money. If evidence were needed that central government creates money and local government merely uses… Read more

Common law looks as tho’ it is no longer sufficient for domocracy

The principle of subsidiarity is a European idea – and not just in Catholic Europe, but also in the local parish council. It is basically the idea that decisions should be made as locally as possible. Now, for Catholocism, I think the idea has long been honoured more in the breach than the observance, (though… Read more

Now no money left

At last, are we getting to the realisation that money is created by government will – or as currently, whim? I admire Andy Burnham’s stand. As he says ‘please remember: GM-based businesses have been under these restrictions for 10 weeks with no support.’ So he admits his realisation has come rather late. It looks as… Read more

Is rebellion imminent?

This moving piece from Channel 4 news and from a real small employer (rather than a grasping rentier capitalist) correctly explains why so many are completely adrift in the government’s occasional, random and unscientific lockdowns. For sure the science is uncertain – but the money creation to ensure both the lady in the interview and… Read more

Economic health – or not

There is an interesting post from Simon Wren Lewis from last month where he suggests that: in the UK Treasury cutting the deficit generally takes priority over the health of the economy He says: The UK Treasury bears some responsibility for the disaster of 2010 austerity, yet it has not accepted or understood the mistake… Read more