You can’t learn from history if you don’t know what it was

This short video gives information on the legal action that now has the necessary permission to bring a case to try to outlaw messaging secrecy within government. The case is a joint effort between All the Citizens, which is an organisation campaigning for more transparency and Foxglove Legal, which campaigns to hold the tech giants… Read more

Howard League for Penal Reform has excellent ideas

The outgoing Chairwoman of the Howard League for Penal Reform, the appropriately named, Frances Crook, has written an excellent summary of what she is asking of Dominic Raab, the recently arrived Justice Secretary: The Howard League has developed an outline plan and we will build on the ideas in a series of blog postings over… Read more

When it’s a good time to be a criminal it is evidence of government failure

Johnson’s recent article in the Sunday Express, which is also likely to be the subject of a speech on Tuesday, received short shrift from the Secret Barrister who pointed out: Johnson’s idea that “making this country safe is the single best and most effective way of levelling up” is empty rhetoric when you fail to… Read more

If Eton can spend on education the state can certainly match it

I’m thinking first, of the alleged ‘cost’ of the catch up for state schools which Johnson reduced from £15 billion to just £1.4bn equating, it seems, to just £50 per pupil. As the Guardian wrote: Today’s announcement essentially equates to £50 per head: you compare that with the USA which is putting £1,600 per head,… Read more

Report on Judicial Review

The Faulks Review of Administrative Law does not seem to have gone the govenment’s way. There are a couple of telling paragraphs in the conclusions: While the Panel understands the disappointment about recent court defeats …. disappointment with the outcome of a case… is rarely sufficient reason to legislate more generally. And: .. respect by… Read more

Common law looks as tho’ it is no longer sufficient for domocracy

The principle of subsidiarity is a European idea – and not just in Catholic Europe, but also in the local parish council. It is basically the idea that decisions should be made as locally as possible. Now, for Catholocism, I think the idea has long been honoured more in the breach than the observance, (though… Read more

‘What matters’ is that equality works

We are currently told that Black Lives Matter which, like all lives, of course they do. And while we now discover that the American policeman accused of murder had had 17 complaints against him, none of which seemed to have changed anything, and, indeed there are also instances of American policemen killing white arrestees with… Read more