Dubious levelling…

So a three bedroom house in this bi-election land of Hartlepool is worth less than a Downing Street flat £58,0000 makeover? Whoever knew? Not the Tory candidate – ex resident of the Cayman Islands, for sure. But Johnson is of course, a nice chap… The only problem is that Johnson is as, Caroline Lucas has… Read more

‘Sovereign Money Creation’ that isn’t

Having recently submitted my twopennworth to Positive Money’s (PoMo) discussion on Richard Murphy’s new free to download book ‘Money for Nothing -and my Tweets for Free’, it is interesting to discover that the vast majority of PoMo commentators are now on board with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). The naysayers seem to mostly hail from the… Read more

Our local government has been hung out to dry

I’ve already alluded to some of the current problems faced by local authorities and the budget’s utter failure to address them. But I particularly appreciated this in the Guardian: The government has encouraged councils to quietly come to it for help, rather than unilaterally declare insolvency. Wary perhaps of the alarming optics of a long… Read more

The budget is a disaster for local authorities

This March budget was, I think, as disappointing as feared. What has not been properly pointed out is that Local Government is still to be subject to further financial cuts from Central Government. This is quite amazing as local generally, and Local Government in particular has done so much good in the Covid crisis. Thus… Read more

Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs

Is the wonderful title of an article, concerning his own book, in the ‘New Local’ by Nigel Crisp former CEO of the NHS, and now a crossbench peer. He says: I argue in the book that we need to think about health differently and recognise that health creation plays an important role alongside health services… Read more