The ‘wages’ of immigration are actually most likely, rent

As, personally, a ‘remainer’, we need to speak about wages. It seems that a lot of the original talk that EU immigration had a small – or less – effect on wages was not entirely correct – and let’s be straight about that. It did not actually seem right to me at the time and… Read more

If proof were needed that our current government doesn’t care for its citizens..

We learn from Which? that the testing system in order to facilitate travel abroad is chaotic and favours the scammers – which is entirely in accordance, of course, with government policy. If you listen to the BBC Today programme in the last quarter of an hour you will see that the government website is littered… Read more

The inequality of bus travel

A well researched report on that transport of the Common Man – or the man on the Clapham omnibus at least – is here and suggests that all is not well… As only about a third of the poorest 10% of households have access to a car or van, many are, unsurprisingly, highly dependent on… Read more

A sane response to a mad society

Is an idea from the psychologist and doctor, R.D. Laing, which was thought highly radical at the time, but I’d suggest it is now unarguable. We are regularly told that government is increasing the spend on mental health treatment – even when it doesn’t seem to materialise… But the real problem with mental health is… Read more

It is not the working class that Labour needs to engage with – but simply the ‘overworking’ class

In my efforts to think about Labour’s failure to connect with what the media calls the ‘working class’ – whereas the Tories are supposed to have found that connection, I have discovered that the working class that the Tories have connected with are mostly retirees who own their own homes… But I have come across… Read more

The working and shirking classes…

I thought this ‘i’ article well observed: Rather, it is symptomatic of a much more deep-rooted change in Britain, with rising numbers of home-owning aspirational voters in originally industrial areas. It is symptomatic of the detoxification of the Conservatives, with the passing decades reducing the number of people who remember the depth of hatred of… Read more

Dubious levelling…

So a three bedroom house in this bi-election land of Hartlepool is worth less than a Downing Street flat £58,0000 makeover? Whoever knew? Not the Tory candidate – ex resident of the Cayman Islands, for sure. But Johnson is of course, a nice chap… The only problem is that Johnson is as, Caroline Lucas has… Read more

‘Sovereign Money Creation’ that isn’t

Having recently submitted my twopennworth to Positive Money’s (PoMo) discussion on Richard Murphy’s new free to download book ‘Money for Nothing -and my Tweets for Free’, it is interesting to discover that the vast majority of PoMo commentators are now on board with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). The naysayers seem to mostly hail from the… Read more