That ministerial direction and what it tells us

Home Secretary Patel was forced to issue a ministerial direction, the BBC tells us, in order to push through the the Rwanda policy of forcefully exporting refugees. We learn that: Home Office civil servants could not precisely quantify the benefits of the policy, and uncertainty about the costs meant Ms Patel had to take personal… Read more

Home Office Visa Profits

What d’ya mean you didn’t know it was a profit centre? Under the Conservatives every stream of government money invariably has a private beneficiary: And the British embassy in Brussels doesn’t issue visas – that’s done by a private company opposite Brussels station – this is the picture of the UK Brussels visa office: Run… Read more

How currency creation could – and ought to prevent starvation

I much agree with this: But the Taliban are not reputed for their ability to govern. Fighting seems rather more their skill – that and suppressing female life. I can certainly understand why most western politicians don’t want to release dollars. But if politicians had real soul, or even, as Rory Stewart suggests, in a… Read more

Collective individualism in modern times…

While a Tory MP says electing a racist or a misogynist is a democratic right, which of course potentially it could be – provided these representatives are actually democratically elected in the first place – and I’m not at all sure that first past the post is actually ever a proper democratic election in fact…. Read more

Taking back ‘our’ borders

So diplomatically skilled is Boris Johnson in writing his letter to President Macron which he seems to have tweeted first rather than actually sending it first, that Gerard Darmanin, France’s Home Affairs minister, quickly uninvited his UK counterpart, in spite of her recently discovered empathy for immigrants. Neither Johnson nor Patel much appeal to the… Read more