At least there is the tea towel

This is in the you couldn’t make it up category. This is a commemorative tea towel on sale from the Conservative Party (£12, since you ask), which announces that a jingoist Prime Minister, with his Union Jack shield, has ‘got Brexit done’. Nothing says tin-pot or tacky quite so well. If this is the level… Read more

Problems at the checkout

This made me smile – amid the very sad chaos of London Bridge and the almost as worrying election… An Asda twat has a very specific price and given the recent ‘Which’ report and the fact that Asda originally invented Black Friday in the UK (owned, as it is, by American based, Walmart) it has… Read more

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An advent calendar for our times..

Led by Donkeys has launched an Advent calendar: To celebrate the Johnson/Farage seasonal kinship, we’ve launched a Tory-Brexit Party electoral alliance advent calendar. Open a new door each morning between now and election day to see examples of lies, lunacy and hypocrisy from the Brexit Party and their new electoral allies, the Conservatives. In addition… Read more

Something else we’re discovering…

The British on average use two and a half times as much toilet roll as most people in Europe. A useless fact you may think, but an interesting one when according to the Evening Standard a no-deal Brexit would lead to toilet paper shortages. Of course, whilst toilet roll may be manufactured in the UK,… Read more

A technological solution…

News reporter Richard Chambers has tweeted this picture of the steel and concrete security structures at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester: .   Quite reasonably, he suggests that there must have been technological solutions that would have prevented the use of this infrastructure. I hope he or his ilk manages to ask the question… Read more