The finance sector in the west is the enemy within

Professor Michael Hudson is interviewed on this week’s Renegade Inc and it is well worth the 29 minute watch. In a quick tour of the Chinese economic system Michael Hudson suggests that China is beginning to understand that private rent extraction has led to Western societal decline and thus it wants to avoid using property… Read more

A sane response to a mad society

Is an idea from the psychologist and doctor, R.D. Laing, which was thought highly radical at the time, but I’d suggest it is now unarguable. We are regularly told that government is increasing the spend on mental health treatment – even when it doesn’t seem to materialise… But the real problem with mental health is… Read more

The Social Guarantee

This is a new resource, which has just been launched. It would be good if the government supported it, which may be a folorn thought. It is at least something for opposition parties to get behind… They seem actually to be supporting Universal Services but giving it a really much better marketing title!… Read more

The working and shirking classes…

I thought this ‘i’ article well observed: Rather, it is symptomatic of a much more deep-rooted change in Britain, with rising numbers of home-owning aspirational voters in originally industrial areas. It is symptomatic of the detoxification of the Conservatives, with the passing decades reducing the number of people who remember the depth of hatred of… Read more

BBC’s continuing learning curve…

This is an item from the twitter feed of Andy Verity, BBC Economics correspondent, about housing and how he thinks the market is overheating: Andy Verity@andyverity·31mThe official forecaster the Office for Budget Responsibility has warned about the effect on government finances of a rise in interest rates. Never mind them (they can always ‘print’ money… Read more

The noise of government ‘playing’ us

According to this shameful article by Housing Secretary and three houses Robert Jenrick, who has even now, failed to resolve the cladding crisis caused by the Grenfell Tower fire, nonetheless now he has time, in the middle of this pandemic, to turn his attention to the important matter of statues and streetnames as written up… Read more

‘What matters’ is that equality works

We are currently told that Black Lives Matter which, like all lives, of course they do. And while we now discover that the American policeman accused of murder had had 17 complaints against him, none of which seemed to have changed anything, and, indeed there are also instances of American policemen killing white arrestees with… Read more

Some mistake surely?

The BBC claims, in a recent article, that the number of homeless is in fact nearer to 28,000 than the 4,677 government estimate. Anecdotally at least, I have little doubt that the BBC are right. But the government’s response is what bothers me. The BBC article says: The government said it was providing £500m this… Read more