We need ‘NUTRITION security’, not food insecurity.

Those in Britain unable properly to afford food for themselves seem to be fareing almost as badly as America, where according to this report they are beginning to talk of ‘nutrition security’. Which is in stark contrast and distinctly positive when compared to British ‘food insecurity’. The report says: …. anyone listening closely would have… Read more

Misled and duped democracy kills us

This interview with an old friend of PP, Dr Aseem Malhotra is pretty hard hitting stuff worth the 4.5 minutes of your time (double click to enlarge): As he points out, 90% of all deaths from Covid-19 have occurred in countries where over half the population are overweight. He states that excess bodyweight is effectively… Read more

Astra Zenica could end up proving that there are other ways to do business…

There is little doubt that Public Relations is not Astra Zenica’s strongest point. But is their undertaking (via Oxford University) to sell at cost while the pandemic lasts actually a substantial threat to other vaccine originators? Estimates would appear to suggest appear that Pfizer and Moderna are likely to make $16-17 billion out of their… Read more