Trump to visit Paris on le quatorze juillet

It seems to have been little reported but Donald Trump is to visit Paris on the 14th of July.

There is much discussion on how and why this is before he visits Britain, which the French consider unusual but also where there seems to be some opposition to his visiting…

For us in the UK, at least that may mean that the British Prime Minister will be rather less distracted.

But this visit would seem to suggest that Macron is Blair.2

We can only hope that his handshake is as firm as it was alleged to be before  – and that he doesn’t on any account hold hands.

Otherwise he might have the DUP to answer to.

The need for mutuality in the economy and society in general

I see the French Left – irrespective of vision – has repeated the mistake that robbed Jospin of the chance to run for the Presidency in 2002, namely, failure to agree on a single standard-bearer, given that Mélenchon got 19.6% and Hamon got 6.3%,which combined would have put the single standard-bearer ahead of Macron. The Left fails more by strategic and tactical clumsiness and stupidity than by the failure to have a fleshed out stance – no one could accuse Mélenchon of lack of clarity.

However, there is a bigger question, which is about society having a choice between two visions.

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