Bananas from the sunlit uplands…

I enjoyed this on Twitter from Pete Clark: If you’re not doing so already…Please buy British bananas Grown in abundance in the sunlit uplands, under the rainbow of mis-truths. Go on. Spoil yourself. As an incidental footnote almost all bananas we eat today are actually ‘British’ in that the variety is generally thought to have… Read more

This is what ‘prospering mightily’ actually looks like

For a few cheese exports – something I used to do: Austria– Meat, Cheese and foodstuffs containing animal ingredients, fish and fish products are prohibited.Belgium– Anything that requires veterinary control is prohibited therefore you cannot send here.Bulgaria– Can be shipped but additional Analysis and Quality Certificates required for customs.Croatia– Any shipment containing animal products are… Read more

Stymied by your own government

The ‘Newsletter’ shows very worrying news from Northern Ireland, where transport providers estimate there are just five days before food distribution breaks down, Remarkably this includes Tesco, which is by far Britain’s largest food distributor and who, in my experience at least, are usually legally and technically proficient. Some of HMRC systems are thought to… Read more

So EU countries have control of their borders after all…

…It’s just that, this time, the UK, still currently an EU member, is the pariah. Of course coming just before Christmas and just before Brexit this (so far) 48 hour embargo by all our nearest neighbours will cause supply chain disruption to any just in time deliveries. And international deliveries are already under threat from… Read more

By Conservative government error or by Conservative government design?

This is the table from the Independent Food Aid Network – the competition to the Trussell Trust, and who, I fear, have even more hard hitting statistics: So all the top three reasons for attending – and overwhelmingly the majority are caused by the delay or lack of benefits. (These percentage proportions are not of… Read more