Public Health Collaboration

I’m delighted to report that my favourite Cardiologist (I’m sure we all have one…) has created, rather similarly to Independent Sage, an Independent Public Health England. According to the ‘i’ it is called Public Health Collaboration and chaired by cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra – the article in the ‘i’ states: Public Health Collaboration chair Dr… Read more

Obesity helps Covid

Who knew? This new report is even peer reviewed and they point out a worrying correlation that has long been suspected. Essentially, in summary: Across 168 countries, for every 1% increase in obesity prevalence, the mortality rate for Covid-19 was increased by 8.3%. Additionally, higher median population age, greater female ratio, higher Human Development Index,… Read more

The so called colonel can only apologise for the democratic ‘will of the people’…

After posting ‘Fat News’, I spotted this from Kentucky Fried Chicken: Apart form the fact that their frying is in seed oils is exactly the wrong sort of oil, being both unsaturated and unstable, they make no mention of Brexit. They probably don’t want to upset the Brexiters… If there are any believing Brexiters left,… Read more

Fat news

In reply to this tweet: Alan Watson@DietHeartNews, replied in a way that was highly informative – and was for me a lightbulb moment! “Saturated” means chemically stable – nothing else! A fatty acid is saturated when all available carbon bonds are occupied – satisfied – with hydrogen. Saturates resist rancidity and free radical oxidation [which… Read more

‘Living with Covid’ probably means dying sooner of something else

This was an interesting tweet from a Dr Kelly from the University of Queensland and summarises what most of us who are not health professionals (or at least me) have never thought of: So the government suggestion of living with Covid from now on is possible only if you revise your health provision to include… Read more