Tesco chief thinks markets don’t work

Dave Lewis, still boss of Tesco until October, has had interesting things to say on the food market. So interesting, in fact, that I feel compelled to quote verbatim from the European Supermarket Magazine article. “We face the worst public health crisis in generations. Economic contraction threatens the livelihoods of millions. And the point of… Read more

Government’s purpose: justice and money

This ‘Harpers’ article demonstrates why progressing out of lockdowm will be so difficult – and the rent overhang demonstrates how recovery is unlikely to be speedy. All this could change instantly if government understood or even suggested that money is state created and not created by the private sector … The article says: The quarterly… Read more

Brexit disaster looms…

There is worrying news from the WTO, which seems to be little noticed. The only record I can find is here, and which ‘Yorkshire Bylines’ are, I suggest, well worth following. The USA has long refused to approve more WTO ajudicators (arbitrators for disputes) so these judges are now inquorate. Trump has only accentuated the… Read more

Fatstock for slaughter

I have already drawn attention to the diabetes and metabolism problems that appear to leave some people more than usually susceptible to COVID-19. Even more persuasive evidence has arrived in the ‘European Scientist’: Public Health England have said now is the best time to quit smoking, citing research from China concluding that smokers were 14… Read more