Plants may not be the panacea that they are sometimes supposed to be

At least according to the Evening Standard’s report on the recent decision by the Advertising Standards Authority. No longer, it seems, can a plant burger be automatically presumed to be better than a real one. Admittedly the ruling was largely about Tesco’s failure to properly marshall evidence that their ‘Plant Chef’ range was good for… Read more

Trade in the West, China and Russia

A very interesting article here on EU and Russian trade shows that Russia is well integrated with EU trade and shows that some significant percentages of Russian trade were – actually are – with the EU (both imports and exports). In 2020, less than 2 percent of EU total exports and imports went and came… Read more

Russia sanctions are demonstrative of how the UK government has been bought

Remarkably to me, both Ikea and M&S are pulling out of Russia. Perhaps less remarkably, the following are not: Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pepsi and Coca Cola. All these are easy to avoid, but we should note that Coca Cola also owns: Schweppes, Sprite, Fanta, Vitamin Water, Lilt, Power Ade, Appletise and Dr Pepper…. Read more

Sorrows come not in single spies but in batallions

Amid the extraordinarily sad, if not, thanks to a change in American policy, entirely unexpected, news of the invasion of Ukraine, I think various points worth making. Especially as they do not seem to be widely acknowledged. Ukraine was famously, the location of Chernobyl. It has fifteen other nuclear power stations on its territory. We… Read more

It should never be veganuary in this or any other month

An excellent article by food journalist, Joanna Blythman in the (Glasgow) Herald, whose thoughts reflect my own: Johnson clearly hasn’t been in control of his weight for years. It took coronavirus to make him realise that those extra stones he’s been carrying are a marker for poor metabolic health, which predisposes you to all sorts… Read more