Brexit Project Fear is the Reality of an own goal – if not two or three

We have met this regretful, leave voting fish merchant before – he now thinks he’s ‘stuffed’, poor chap. Basically by carrying fish from several exporters in one load – his transport agent has warned him that if a mistake with his paperwork leads to the truck being turned back at the border he will be… Read more

Der Spiegel has the measure of us…

Great Britain has been captured by lying gamblers, insignificant clowns and their claqueurs. And mainstream media became accessories to their evil master plan, Brexit. What a f***ing disgrace”, says @derspiegel Link is here. Our government is perfectly understood.. Großbritannien wurde von zockenden Lügnern, leichtfertigen Clowns und ihren Claqueuren gekapert. Und große Medien machten sich zu… Read more