Coffee prices…

I did enjoy this. While the British will still generally apologise to the door they bump in to, the French are, I suggest often prone to peremtoriness – so this, from a bar in Normandy much appeals: That is a tariff I think I’d be quite happy with, thank you very much – or even… Read more

The ‘wages’ of immigration are actually most likely, rent

As, personally, a ‘remainer’, we need to speak about wages. It seems that a lot of the original talk that EU immigration had a small – or less – effect on wages was not entirely correct – and let’s be straight about that. It did not actually seem right to me at the time and… Read more

More Brexit commercial reality

The Nikkei, the newspaper with the financial world’s largest circulation, had a headline yesterday on the unstoppable decline of the British financial sector, which, they consider, is driven by Brexit. This shows the share of international trade represented by £ Sterling – vanishing fast: And, indeed what else would drive it? While Britain has one… Read more

Amid all the fuss – what Macron actually said..

It is instructive to watch this French Television piece, which indicates that Macron knows precisely what the United Kingdom is and is not trying to split it up. He is so obviously clear it has to be doubted whether the UK government’s version is related to fact or fantasy – in fact knowing the truth… Read more