This is, unbelievably, a member of our very own government – and is also a clip from the BBC….

I find it difficult to believe that this man considers that he is in charge of education. He has had months – if not more than a year – to organise CO2 monitors – or even air filters in schools, but has singularly failed to do so. Just see: It seems that he is a… Read more

If Eton can spend on education the state can certainly match it

I’m thinking first, of the alleged ‘cost’ of the catch up for state schools which Johnson reduced from £15 billion to just £1.4bn equating, it seems, to just £50 per pupil. As the Guardian wrote: Today’s announcement essentially equates to £50 per head: you compare that with the USA which is putting £1,600 per head,… Read more

The working and shirking classes…

I thought this ‘i’ article well observed: Rather, it is symptomatic of a much more deep-rooted change in Britain, with rising numbers of home-owning aspirational voters in originally industrial areas. It is symptomatic of the detoxification of the Conservatives, with the passing decades reducing the number of people who remember the depth of hatred of… Read more