Fiscal headroom

Phillip Hammond (he was three Chancellors ago) mentioned this peculiar phrase when interviewed a couple of days ago. If I recall he was congratulating himself that the current Chancellor would not have been able to act as he had if Hammond hadn’t created the ‘fiscal headroom’ to allow him to do it. It sounds vaguely… Read more

A duty of care perhaps…

The recent ‘clarification’ letter to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee from the FCO Permanent Under-Secretary is deliciously obtuse and obfuscatory: As David Allen Green suggests the prose is strangulated and he has obviously been ‘directed’ by Raab to issue the ‘clarification’, which manages actually to be nothing of the sort! However, my purpose here is… Read more

Macron much more impressive than our lot, but

Macron is rather impressive in his interview for the FT here – and certainly way more reflective and intelligent than our own political pigmies. And although he has made mistakes he has endeavoured to protect his people – which is rather more than our own government “we cannot protect every business and every household” (why… Read more