Too busy in the City – versus the advantage of local banks

There is an interesting new interview from Renegade Inc with Professor Richard Werner: Presenter, Ross Ashcroft quotes: “As the Russian Proverb goes: There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.”  And that is Quantitative Easing (QE), which term of course Richard Werner invented. But now, more important, I’d suggest are his ideas on local… Read more

Green New Deal Rising is both our youth’s and our future…

And should surely make us all sit up…. It also shames the Labour Party leadership – what are they doing? (a powerful one and three quarter minute watch): The young have discovered, entirely correctly, that most people are being exploited while the planet is destroyed in the pursuit of profit for the few. There is… Read more

‘Living with Covid’ probably means dying sooner of something else

This was an interesting tweet from a Dr Kelly from the University of Queensland and summarises what most of us who are not health professionals (or at least me) have never thought of: So the government suggestion of living with Covid from now on is possible only if you revise your health provision to include… Read more