Tories say that UK is open for investment but not for exploitation

The interesting proposal to protect UK companies essential to public health from foreign takeover is long overdue and does show that even the current government has actually learnt something…. Maybe they could also learn that the ‘free’ market should not be allowed to be quite so free and that the UK should have considerable, sustainable… Read more

Quantitative easing: good or bad?

To repurpose a quote attributed to the physicist Richard Feynman, “If you think you understand money, then you do not understand money.” Feynman was talking about “quantum mechanics”, not “money”. Most people would probably think that they have very little in common. The similarities may be subtle but there is one fact that in both… Read more

Dire news for theatres and bad news for the rest of us

Cameron Mackintosh, the theatre impresario, knows which side his bread is buttered. The Guardian reports that: Mackintosh, his producing partners and Delfont Mackintosh Theatres are starting a process of consultation over potential redundancies for all employees on the four productions. [  Les Misérables, Mary Poppins, Hamilton and The Phantom of the Opera ] Mackintosh said that despite the government… Read more

Sustainable Government Finance is not a cult

In a recent post on the Tax Research blog I quoted Richard Murphy’s* own words because he seemed to be rather distressed that progressive economists didn’t seem to support Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) calling it a cult! Perhaps it is time to notice that ProgressivePulse readers have better christened it ‘Sustainable Government Finance’ (SGF). “And… Read more