Framing the economy (continued)- Project Household

Having earlier tried to demonstrate that the economy is a construct to enable greater overall prosperity, and that money within it usually serves to derail this value, there is no avoiding the most recurring misinterpretation – that the economy works like any old household. Unless Project Airbus can be seen as a household the economy… Read more

Budgetary Sleight of Hand

This is rather a good video from Momentum. It is in the same vein as Simon Wren-Lewis’s suggestion that Conservative budgetary aims are based on deceit not ignorance:   Sam has got just one question – and if anyone can answer it, he'll vote for the @Conservatives for the rest of his life. —… Read more

Because we’re not worth it

I’m probably late to the party but there is a very worrying piece in the Independent where it indicates that court enforcers are to be transferred to Capita. Apparently it will ‘save the taxpayer up to £46m over five years’, so that’s over nine million pounds a year – between us all that’s certainly less… Read more

Positive Money thinking

Whilst most people were probably on holiday, I spent much of last weekend at a ‘get together’ in scenic London SE1 with Positive Money. Or PoMo as many of the staff seem to call it. I do think that PoMo is to be admired for – uniquely – promoting grass roots groups throughout the country… Read more

HM Treasury says MMT is correct

It was almost a year ago that I originally wrote to my MP to ask him to enquire of the Chancellor ‘Where does money come from?’ I have, at last, received a reply (click to enlarge): It reads rather as though the writer, John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has received intensive training from… Read more