Report on Judicial Review

The Faulks Review of Administrative Law does not seem to have gone the govenment’s way. There are a couple of telling paragraphs in the conclusions: While the Panel understands the disappointment about recent court defeats …. disappointment with the outcome of a case… is rarely sufficient reason to legislate more generally. And: .. respect by… Read more

Voting as a privilege for those with the right photo ID

The Guardian reported on Thursday that: The supreme court is to hear a challenge to the government’s decision to hold voter ID trials in 2019 in a case that could have implications for the wider rollout of the scheme. And that: Cat Smith, shadow minister for democracy, said: “Voting is a fundamental democratic right, not… Read more

Police Bill and power

Rebecca Long-Bailey gives two and a half minutes or so of heartfelt opposition to the Police Bill now going through Parliament – amazingly without a single Conservative MP voting against. This Bill not only infringes everyone’s right to free expression, it neatly entails the everyday politicisation of the Police, which as we have seen during… Read more

Johnson and Patel’s Poll Tax moment?

When even a Police (or at least ex Police) Chief Constable are against the recent Police and Crime Bill, we have the government’s real attitude displayed. This is from ex Tory MP and lawyer: @Anna_Soubry who says, “Spot on Nick Robinson & no surprise Home Office Minister (Kit Malthouse) has no answer – maximum sentence… Read more

Government hung Police out to dry in Clapham

It is interesting that the most egregious strong arm tactics by a largely male police force on women conducting a vigil in Clapham are being defended by two other women, both of whom are their superiors and so presumably authorised the tactics in the first place. One was Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Helen… Read more

Our local government has been hung out to dry

I’ve already alluded to some of the current problems faced by local authorities and the budget’s utter failure to address them. But I particularly appreciated this in the Guardian: The government has encouraged councils to quietly come to it for help, rather than unilaterally declare insolvency. Wary perhaps of the alarming optics of a long… Read more