The Johnson show is our bread and his circus

Having just returned from an appointment to receive a third vaccination jab at a local vaccination ‘centre’ – aka a large shed on an industrial estate, the place was absolutely heaving, with queues everywhere. When I enquired if this was normally the case the answer was no – this was the result of Johnson’s recorded… Read more

A rebuttal to the Guardian monetary theory article

An Australian based author and ex-banker Satyajit Das, has written a piece on Modern Monetary Theory in the Guardian. Entitled ‘Spending without taxing: now we’re all guinea pigs in an endless money experiment’ is a headline that seems designed to raise the critical temperature… He needs to realise that it is not an experiment. It… Read more

The non party that certainly did not take place but still obeyed all the rules…

That Allegra Stratton, who seems to have been transformed from a government spokeswoman to COP spokeswoman to now PM ‘advisor’, has had the decency to resign (at a mere £100k per year) for not attending the party that didn’t take place – because, as she said in the video – she went home, shows how… Read more

Surely government is US?

There is a new localist movement, which I feel many are likely to approve of – as do I. It is called ‘We’re right Here’ and has been particularly inspired by the local necessities of coping with Covid. Local authorities have been effectively sidelined by the mammoth £37 billion Test and Trace budget. In spite… Read more