The original motivation of Christine Desan may be indicative…

……and even probably many of us all and perhaps of some of society in general…Christine Desan in discussing her book said she initially “majored in religion and sociology of religion”. The book itself ‘Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism’ is unfortunately expensive to buy but at least it is cheaper as a… Read more

The noise of government ‘playing’ us

According to this shameful article by Housing Secretary and three houses Robert Jenrick, who has even now, failed to resolve the cladding crisis caused by the Grenfell Tower fire, nonetheless now he has time, in the middle of this pandemic, to turn his attention to the important matter of statues and streetnames as written up… Read more

An advantage Labour should not pass up

There is an interesting article here by UK in a Changing Europe, examining the population decline in the UK. Of course those terrible, pesky immigrants have left – in large numbers, maybe even up to a million. Surely we should be no more than relieved? Perhaps…And this is not necessarily of consequence – though those… Read more

Stymied by your own government

The ‘Newsletter’ shows very worrying news from Northern Ireland, where transport providers estimate there are just five days before food distribution breaks down, Remarkably this includes Tesco, which is by far Britain’s largest food distributor and who, in my experience at least, are usually legally and technically proficient. Some of HMRC systems are thought to… Read more