The problems of financialised ‘shareholder’ democracy

I’ve just taken part in an Open Democracy webinar on ‘After the Facts?’ – the truth about fake news. The title refers to the book by one of the speakers, Marcus Gilroy Ware, who lectures at the University of the West of England. The other speaker was Ece Temelkuran, who has her own considerable book… Read more

By Conservative government error or by Conservative government design?

This is the table from the Independent Food Aid Network – the competition to the Trussell Trust, and who, I fear, have even more hard hitting statistics: So all the top three reasons for attending – and overwhelmingly the majority are caused by the delay or lack of benefits. (These percentage proportions are not of… Read more

Social infrastructure is also vital to any recovery plan

This is a letter to the FT from the Progressive Economy Forum (an outfit that our esteemed benefactor, Richard Murphy, has been expelled from – simply because he doesn’t think Quantitative Easing will ever be paid back. Time has actually already told – it’s 12 years and counting that it has not…) UK chancellor Rishi… Read more

High street decimation

Complacent ‘market will provide’ government, over-leveraged corporate retailers, and the greed of landlords, seem to have done for the high street. If helped along, but only helped along by covid lockdown. Which actually goes to prove that you have to invest in order to retail properly. A bit of theatre perhaps, but mostly that investment… Read more

The ‘economy’ is being used to shut down political choice

This egregious misinformation (link below) about public sector finances, which are in a “catastrophic state” endeavours to reinforce the household analogy – and how. Perhaps ‘economist’, Mark Littlewood thinks, if we are so broke, we should just call in the receivers? I wonder who he thinks the Treasury’s receivers would be exactly? When we begin… Read more