Rebuilding the tax base – but for fairness not finance

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) has written about rebuilding the tax base – after the pandemic. Here we have, unfortunately, a basically progressive organisation, which thinks we have to renew the tax base, because Covid- 19 suggests we’ve spent it all, and got nothing left. They mention that tax take is likely to be reduced… Read more

Covid-19 How is the UK doing?

Introduction From HMG’s perspective, now that the UK has left the EU, the Covid-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to show the UK’s true genius, unshackled from an allegedly moribund Europe. What better opportunity to showcase the true and exceptional greatness of Great Britain? The UK is world-leading (almost). According to the Global Health Security Index… Read more

Practical problems for universal income

My recent encounters with the New Economics Foundation lectures lead me to highlight some more of the ideas of Eric Lonergan. For he is, unsurprisingly in the country’s current predicament, in favour of a monthly cash handout (as I understand it as long as the lockdown lasts) to everyone to ensure the economy doesn’t collapse… Read more