If proof were needed that our current government doesn’t care for its citizens..

We learn from Which? that the testing system in order to facilitate travel abroad is chaotic and favours the scammers – which is entirely in accordance, of course, with government policy. If you listen to the BBC Today programme in the last quarter of an hour you will see that the government website is littered… Read more

Dick by name…

The usually right wing Nick Ferrari yesterday interviewed the Commissioner Of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, on LBC. She maintained that : She was “very disappointed” that @ExtinctionR are returning to London this month. She says she doesn’t believe London supports such disruption and describes it as “frustrating”. Perhaps the disruption of flooding or of… Read more

The so called colonel can only apologise for the democratic ‘will of the people’…

After posting ‘Fat News’, I spotted this from Kentucky Fried Chicken: Apart form the fact that their frying is in seed oils is exactly the wrong sort of oil, being both unsaturated and unstable, they make no mention of Brexit. They probably don’t want to upset the Brexiters… If there are any believing Brexiters left,… Read more

More Brexit commercial reality

The Nikkei, the newspaper with the financial world’s largest circulation, had a headline yesterday on the unstoppable decline of the British financial sector, which, they consider, is driven by Brexit. This shows the share of international trade represented by £ Sterling – vanishing fast: And, indeed what else would drive it? While Britain has one… Read more

Simple slogans get us to a dangerous place…

Timothy Snyder has been mentioned here before and this short extract is certainly up to standard. Fascism was well used to the simplistic three word slogan. So ‘Get Brexit Done’ has a similarly easy, simplistic appeal. (Even though Brexit never will be done, for we are not moving house, we are merely just trying to… Read more

Do we have an upright UK government?

As journalist Corole Cadwalladr says The case is broadly about Russian influence in the Tory Party and potentially in UK governance itself. The Tory idea of ‘nothing to see here’ is being challenged. It was with James Eadie QC that it was established that owing to Vote Leave’s many infractions of campaign regulations, the Brexit… Read more

Understanding the right wing mind – continued, but I wonder, is this the core?

In our occasional series I was reminded of this lovely quote by J.K. Galbraith: The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. And, although I’m late to it, I thought this twitter feed ‘unroll’ very well argued: (Tom… Read more