Corruption at the heart of the state

I don’t usually quote from the Times but even they say – in relation to the recent National Audit Office report: Amid accusations of cronyism, government auditors found that suppliers with links to politicians were ten times more likely to be awarded contracts than those who applied to the Department of Health and Social Care…. Read more

Except for the barons, neoliberalism is a blind alley

There is an interesting book review of “Rentier Capitalism – “Who owns the economy and who pays for it?” by Brett Christophers here. Now I must emphasise that I haven’t read anything but the review itself (indeed I don’t think the book has yet been published) but the review suggests to me certain conclusions. First,… Read more

A government which is obviously out of its depth

The overdue imposition of a lockdown announced yesterday evening by Johnson’s government seems only to prove that idea that some people see the writing on the wall only when they have their backs to it… The government has, within just two months, gone all the way from spending (and forgoing revenue) of half a billion… Read more

Criminal Neglect

A recent article in the London ‘Evening Standard’ starts: Long before lockdown, lawyers warned the criminal justice system had reached breaking point. Investigations were under-resourced, courthouses had been sold off as hotels, courtrooms sat idle and by the end of 2019 the queue for crown court justice was over 37,000 cases long. Complainants, witnesses and… Read more

A decade of over centralisation

This is a very instructive chart demonstrating how allegedly small government is really suppression of local control by Westminster knows best. Westminster hogs all the resources and employs more people. Local government gets starved of resources by cutting centrally provided money. If evidence were needed that central government creates money and local government merely uses… Read more

Britain looks like a failed state

Where to start with Manchester? The Tories seem to think their election result based on the approval of about 43 % of the voters gives them absolute power. And that they can ride roughshod over the democratic and even clearly logical wishes of Britain’s third big city. It is instructive to read a tweet from… Read more