Whither free broadband?

According to John McDonnell MP When I published Labour’s policy on free broadband in November 2019 I said “It’s about large numbers of children being able to do their homework properly, and have the speed of connectivity.” The BBC described it as Broadband Communism. Interesting how relevant it’s now become. Isn’t it just? Mind you… Read more

The money tree is not magic but real

We used to think, with good reason, that globalization had defanged national governments. Presidents cowered before the bond markets. Prime ministers ignored their country’s poor but never Standard & Poor’s. Finance ministers behaved like Goldman Sachs’s knaves and the International Monetary Fund’s satraps. So commences this excellent piece from Yanis Varousakis (well worth reading in… Read more

Repeated UK government failure means the Germans are starting an air bridge…

According to Bloomberg, what Britain did for Berlin, Lufthansa is now doing for Britain, flying in food! And the queue of thousands of truckers in Kent were not fed by any government operation but by meals prepared by Khalsa Aid – a UK based Sikh International humanitarian relief organisation, some of whose members delivered from… Read more

So EU countries have control of their borders after all…

…It’s just that, this time, the UK, still currently an EU member, is the pariah. Of course coming just before Christmas and just before Brexit this (so far) 48 hour embargo by all our nearest neighbours will cause supply chain disruption to any just in time deliveries. And international deliveries are already under threat from… Read more

The problems of financialised ‘shareholder’ democracy

I’ve just taken part in an Open Democracy webinar on ‘After the Facts?’ – the truth about fake news. The title refers to the book by one of the speakers, Marcus Gilroy Ware, who lectures at the University of the West of England. The other speaker was Ece Temelkuran, who has her own considerable book… Read more