Borderline psychotic…

The FT reports that ‘Nightingale’ hospitals are to return (in fact they’ve not entirely left – both Manchester and Exeter are still using them – but ironically not for Covid purposes. I suspect their managements have taken the money and run…) Still, let us be grateful that, after Javid said there was a worldwide shortage… Read more

The Johnson show is our bread and his circus

Having just returned from an appointment to receive a third vaccination jab at a local vaccination ‘centre’ – aka a large shed on an industrial estate, the place was absolutely heaving, with queues everywhere. When I enquired if this was normally the case the answer was no – this was the result of Johnson’s recorded… Read more

Ultra Processed Food and Health

Although it is rather removed from current Christmas Party preoccupations, I thought this article in the latest edition of the American magazine, Newsweek was impressive. It explains in devastating detail how America’s own food businesses are poisoning their own population. The article is actually very instructive and well worth reading in full. Probably the most… Read more