The non party that certainly did not take place but still obeyed all the rules…

That Allegra Stratton, who seems to have been transformed from a government spokeswoman to COP spokeswoman to now PM ‘advisor’, has had the decency to resign (at a mere £100k per year) for not attending the party that didn’t take place – because, as she said in the video – she went home, shows how… Read more

Surely government is US?

There is a new localist movement, which I feel many are likely to approve of – as do I. It is called ‘We’re right Here’ and has been particularly inspired by the local necessities of coping with Covid. Local authorities have been effectively sidelined by the mammoth £37 billion Test and Trace budget. In spite… Read more

You can’t learn from history if you don’t know what it was

This short video gives information on the legal action that now has the necessary permission to bring a case to try to outlaw messaging secrecy within government. The case is a joint effort between All the Citizens, which is an organisation campaigning for more transparency and Foxglove Legal, which campaigns to hold the tech giants… Read more