Hoping that better monetary understanding leads to better politics

Thus concludes an article in the New Statesman by Josh Ryan Collins, associate professor in economics and finance at the University College London Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. Amoungst other things he states: When you request a loan, the bank converts your IOU to the bank into liabilities upon itself that appear as newly… Read more

Guarding against ‘Pathocracy’

In an article in the journal of the British Psychological Society ‘The Problem of Pathocracy’, Dr Steve Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University, draws on the term ‘Pathocracy’ created by the Polish psychologist, Andrzej Lobaczewski, who endured what he called Pathocracy under both the Nazis and the Soviet Regime. He defines Pathocracy… Read more

Sold! But how do we get democracy back?

City AM reports that: French activists in the city of Biarritz, in the south [west] of the country, have taken over the luxury villa of the daughter of Russia‚Äôs president Vladimir Putin, Catherine Tikhonova. Reportedly the activists have changed the locks and plan to throw the villa open to Ukrainian refugees. Meanwhile in London, rather… Read more