Are ‘the Excluded’ simply the liberal elite?

Gina Miller has an interesting article in the ‘I’ entitled “Covid-19 financial aid: Why is the chorus of support for the forgotten three million falling on deaf ears?” It is a worthy question which she tries to answer herself: based on conversations with politicians who follow the same ideological beliefs concerning the economic, social and… Read more

The noise of government ‘playing’ us

According to this shameful article by Housing Secretary and three houses Robert Jenrick, who has even now, failed to resolve the cladding crisis caused by the Grenfell Tower fire, nonetheless now he has time, in the middle of this pandemic, to turn his attention to the important matter of statues and streetnames as written up… Read more

Populist Conservatism…

The Economist is beginning to get the measure of today’s Conservative government. Actually all of the (linked) article is worth reading because it demonstrates how the right wing think tanks are intertwined and influential in the current UK government, but these paragraphs are particularly notable: If Mr Johnson’s classical education did not teach him the… Read more

Conservative reality

‘A single market without barriers—visible or invisible—giving you direct and unhindered access to the purchasing power of over 300 million of the world’s wealthiest and most prosperous people. It’s not a dream. It’s for real.’ This is a quote from Margaret Thatcher How far have we fallen – and what utter incompetence has our current… Read more

Input legitimacy not output legitimacy…

There is searing stuff (below) from Meg Russell, Professor of British and Comparative Politics at University College London, and previously on the House of Lords standards committee: I couldn’t agree more: Indeed, even Murdoch’s Times is pretty sniffy (click to enlarge): With Keir Starmer recently speaking about plans for a convention on constitutional change I… Read more