Johnson and Patel’s Poll Tax moment?

When even a Police (or at least ex Police) Chief Constable are against the recent Police and Crime Bill, we have the government’s real attitude displayed. This is from ex Tory MP and lawyer: @Anna_Soubry who says, “Spot on Nick Robinson & no surprise Home Office Minister (Kit Malthouse) has no answer – maximum sentence… Read more

Government hung Police out to dry in Clapham

It is interesting that the most egregious strong arm tactics by a largely male police force on women conducting a vigil in Clapham are being defended by two other women, both of whom are their superiors and so presumably authorised the tactics in the first place. One was Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Helen… Read more

Is Sadopopulism actually the Tory Manifesto?

Although this talk goes back to 2017 I’ve never encountered Timothy Snyder before. I fear I probably should have. His concept of not just Populism but ‘Sadopopulism’ needs more attention. As an American his 12 minute ‘lecture’ is US orientated, but is also very relevant to Brexit and our current government. I’ve summarised it below… Read more

The advantage of Brexit

Trees on Line clearly has understood only too well what Brexit is: And then in a further update: The Tree Gift Ideas and the Accidentally Offensive Tree Gifts are also worth a look if you really want to take your mind off Brexit. Still one nation’s idiocy (yes, well actually, that’s us) has inadvertently added… Read more

Our local government has been hung out to dry

I’ve already alluded to some of the current problems faced by local authorities and the budget’s utter failure to address them. But I particularly appreciated this in the Guardian: The government has encouraged councils to quietly come to it for help, rather than unilaterally declare insolvency. Wary perhaps of the alarming optics of a long… Read more