The Brexit Opportunities Ministry now have a list

Allegedly (because the link is, after all, to the Daily Express) there were two thousand suggestions to the Minister for Brexit Opportunities of those actual Brexit opportunities. One might have thought that a government convinced of the advantage of Brexit would already have know about the ‘opportunities’. Apparently not. These (below) were the top nine… Read more

Health to me – but not government

With those toe-curling pictures of Johnson toasting health, while Britain was in full lockdown and many were not allowed to visit dying relatives, we have established that there is absolutely nothing in government’s so called accountability…. We have now the probability of the Metropolitan Police not having investigated Partygate as comprehensively as they could in… Read more

Failure to control inflation or mitigate its effects helps to control us

Inflationary fears are another useful tool to keep the masses suppressed and more fearful than they should be – particulalrly when this government, as it does, tells us there is not much they can do about it. While usually infation is controllable, government seems to suggest this time it is an ‘act of God’. Actually… Read more