Financialised capitalism simply misunderstands living

I think this is worth highlighting, simply because it shows how crude capitalism misunderstands life’s purpose. Like the economy capitalism exists to service the needs of people. Of course we then come round to which people? I would say people in general. Most ardent capitalists maintain that this is anyway the effect of capitalism. But… Read more

Does partygate give an opportunity for national reunion?

I wonder if Johnson’s brazen lying abilities – partygate seems to be the obvious misrepresentation whose lying hypocrisy seems finally to have hit home – might be, actually, the get out clause to bring together Leavers and Remainers? After all Leave leader Johnson has been now demonstrated to everyone as a brazen lier. Could we… Read more

UK Rail is overpriced – and even the Daily Mail thinks so

This is their rough guide: That even the Daily Mail finds this objectionable is almost comforting… Of course the government persists in its desire to increase rail fares: Ticket prices are due to go up by 3.8 per cent from March 1, the sharpest increase since 2013. Even campaigners say cutting fares here could work… Read more

Truss entertains for the country

The Guardian discloses that a Liz Truss ‘trade deal’ lunch had to be at 5 Hertford Street, owned by Robin Burley – half brother of Zac Goldsmith and similarly entitled – both inherited from billionaire father James Goldsmith. And both considerable, financial Johnson supporters. This is the bill: Makes you realise why the Universal Credit… Read more

Borderline psychotic…

The FT reports that ‘Nightingale’ hospitals are to return (in fact they’ve not entirely left – both Manchester and Exeter are still using them – but ironically not for Covid purposes. I suspect their managements have taken the money and run…) Still, let us be grateful that, after Javid said there was a worldwide shortage… Read more