Another damascene conversion – if laughably temporary…

This is Grant Shapps demonstrating that Brexit is further unravelling… (I must confess that I presume EU lorry drivers arrive in the UK visa free – and presumably with merely an identity card if they are without a passport.) Yet here we have Transport Minister Shapps tweeting how clever he is: It was already flagged… Read more

You can’t learn from history if you don’t know what it was

This short video gives information on the legal action that now has the necessary permission to bring a case to try to outlaw messaging secrecy within government. The case is a joint effort between All the Citizens, which is an organisation campaigning for more transparency and Foxglove Legal, which campaigns to hold the tech giants… Read more

Frost’s views?

People may not be aware that Lord Frost, our appalling Brexit Minister, (sorry, Minister for EU relations) used to be in charge of the Scotch Whisky Association – and this is what he said at the time: We must wonder when his damascene conversion to Brexit happened? Or does he just absorb information like a… Read more