Epitome of Climate Change

I was intrigued by this commentary – which relates not to the normal preoccupations of Progressive Pulse but to what used to be my own preoccupations. Global warming is having a considerable impact on vine growing. Yes, Britain is benefitting to some extent from global climate warming so Pinot Noir, the difficult and sole grape… Read more

The inequality of bus travel

A well researched report on that transport of the Common Man – or the man on the Clapham omnibus at least – is here and suggests that all is not well… As only about a third of the poorest 10% of households have access to a car or van, many are, unsurprisingly, highly dependent on… Read more

Green New Deal Rising is both our youth’s and our future…

And should surely make us all sit up…. It also shames the Labour Party leadership – what are they doing? (a powerful one and three quarter minute watch): The young have discovered, entirely correctly, that most people are being exploited while the planet is destroyed in the pursuit of profit for the few. There is… Read more

Tyres are carbon – why don’t we realise?

This link is another good seminar from ‘Freight in the City’ on how we reduce pollution in short-ish run semi-urban vehicles. The link to the previous article mentioning hydrogen’s problems is here. And this is the link to Profesoor Alan McKinnon’s statement that tyres are carbon creating. The black carbon particles from tyre wear are… Read more

Co-operation should be us

Have just attended – via Zoom – the new book launch of ‘Ours’ by the American thinker and author, Peter Barnes. His concept is that Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics (click to enlarge): allows us to ‘capture’ money from natural resources as well as from state facilitated functions such as financial trading or individual property rights… Read more

Financialised capitalism never benefits equality

No less than the Institute for Economic Affairs has sanctioned a survey which suggests that the upcoming generations have little time for capitalism. The first two conclusions are: 1. Millennials have long been portrayed as a politically disengaged and apathetic generation. In recent years, however, that portrayal has changed drastically. The rise of mass movements… Read more

HVO is progress but not a solution

In our occasional excursions into the future of transport I thought this was an interesting video – of a seminar held by Commercial Motor last week. It concerned principally something called HVO, which I’ll mention later but I found this graphic instructive. (Apologies for poor focus – click to enlarge): This shows that for every… Read more