The Divine Right of Government

In difficult times, I’m being conceited enough to suggest that this [necessarily edited] post on is worth emphasising…. I doubt very much whether the EU would wish to get involved in the UK constitutional arrangements. I’d suggest they are far more likely to give us a unilateral extension to enable us to sort it… Read more

Brexit without end

I have sympathy with the ‘Deltapoll’ quoted here, where 2049 people (I suspect that must have been the maximum number of UK adults they could persuade to answer…) when asked the really quite logical question “Do you think Brexit will ever end?” 41%, the majority, thought it would, 35% thought it wouldn’t and 24% didn’t… Read more

Gove digging deep…

Even the normally supportive ‘Sunday Times’ seems a bit fed up with the antics of Michael Gove – an ex ‘Times’ journalist of course. (Click to enlarge): It seems to suggest that this government is no more coherent that under Johnson’s predecessor, though perhaps with Johnson’s own personal record on coherence it was stupid to… Read more