Don’t let the Cons tell you they didn’t know…

Andrew Dickie, formerly of this parish, has kindly provided a pictorial quote to accompany his assertion that my view of Cameron and Osborne’s incompetence in the previous blog was either somewhat rose-tinted or more probably downright misleading. Theirs was not incompetence but was, in short, malevolence. I fear I must stand corrected.   It compares… Read more

The incompetence of Osborne and Cameron

An interesting study by Warwick University, reported here in the Huffington Post, shows a remarkably high correlation between the effects of austerity and voting Brexit, as the map below suggests. “In other words, by curtailing the welfare state, austerity has likely activated a broad range of existing economic grievances that have developed over a long… Read more

Brexit End Points

  Introduction One interesting aspect of the unfolding of Brexit has been the emergence of strong voices with a depth of analysis and understanding of the process. There are too many to mention, but these include Prof Chris Grey (Brexit Blog), David Alan Green (FT and Jack of Kent), Prof Richard Murphy (TRUK),  Ian Dunt… Read more

Sold down the river…

Thought this final tweet of Paul Mason was informative: Paul Mason‏Verified account @paulmasonnews 10/ Finally my Tory chums. Try saying the words “stockpile food” to a mum hanging around the out-of-date shelf at Tesco at 5pm, waiting to see if she’s going to feed her kids tonight. If it all goes to shit, that’s the moral… Read more

‘Trafficking in unreality’: Trump takes the US further down the road to authoritarianism

Perhaps understandably the UK media’s daily reporting on Donald Trump was dominated yesterday (Wednesday) by the release of a recording of a conversation between Trump and his (ex) personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The recording provided irrefutable evidence that Trump has been lying since before the Presidential election about what he did or did not know… Read more

Another referendum and the Condorcet Paradox

No, I’d never heard of the Condorcet Paradox either but as Justine Greening has come out for another referendum with three choices listed and to be voted on in order of preference it is perhaps something we should be more familiar with. Fortunately Jonathan Portes has a full explanation (though his article was actually written before… Read more

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