Trade will be ‘day-to day struggle’ after Brexit is completed

This is the headline from the Independent and also a realisation that needs much more recognition. We are facing a crisis – and amazingly, a voluntary crisis of our very own government’s making… This is really very bad news indeed and nothing more or less than those of us who suggested that the alleged ‘project… Read more

Certainly our government’s intelligence seems to be artificial

Daniel Susskind ‘s book ‘A World Without Work rightly asks how do we share our combined income when clearly we can certainly no longer rely on ‘the market’ to organise its allocation. If indeed we ever could. And we know that making an economic contribution through gainful employment is frequently and for a significant minority,… Read more

Johnson’s government proves the truth of ‘perfidious albion’

This tweet from the BBC’s Europe correspondent provides another possible reason for Johnson’s Internal Market Bill: Katya Adler@BBCkatyaadler Opinion amongst EU diplomats is broadly that IF PM is talking about EU threatening integrity of UK endangering peace in NIreland etc IN ORDER to eventually sell idea to Tory party that doing a trade deal with… Read more