Macron much more impressive than our lot, but

Macron is rather impressive in his interview for the FT here – and certainly way more reflective and intelligent than our own political pigmies. And although he has made mistakes he has endeavoured to protect his people – which is rather more than our own government “we cannot protect every business and every household” (why… Read more

Criticism all round – even from your major supporter abroad

When even the Trump administration – and indeed the man himself – ridicules the UK government’s covid-19 policies you are not in a good place… Hers is a good point of course, but it would be better still when we know that the survival rate on a ventilator is roughly 50:50, I understand. Whereas fewer… Read more

Countering executive over-reach

There is an interesting article in Prospect Magazine by David Allen Green in which he suggests that the judicial activism of the recent past is just not true and where he concludes: So there is an artificially inflated narrative of judicial activism. The context for this is telling: there are concurrent attacks on impartial civil… Read more

Work of the insane

Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), speaking on Tuesday stated that fears over chlorinated chicken imports were entirely justified. This was after the Environment Minister, George Eustace (amazingly a former farmer himself as well as former UKIPer) failed to explicitly rule out chlorinated chicken imports over the weekend. She said: This isn’t… Read more

Constitutional defence

There is an interesting piece in the London Review of Books by Ferdinand Mount, Mrs Thatcher’s former policy advisor (and another Old Etonian), on Johnson’s government and, what has become a recurring theme on PP, his fascist tendencies. The article suggests: ‘Hobbes told us long ago, and everyone now understands, that there must be a… Read more

Passports please

These are the new blue passports (I have spared you the full view of the holder – our smirking home secretary). In full-on irony the new passport seems to sum up Brexit. It is in a new colour reminiscent of an older style, though, in fact, the EU has never prescribed passport colour. The new… Read more