Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’..

…Would appear to be code not just for a simple lack of diplomacy but for wonderful and world-beating, world-wide incompetence. They are caught without any preparation for the withdrawal from Afghanistan – even though the foreign office had already reported in January that preparations should be made. The Foreign Secretary of the time had not… Read more

Brexit has not been done

Given that this Independent report suggests that food distribution shortages will, according to Downing Street, be over by Christmas (is that before or after?) supposedly there is little to worry about with our current intermittent and unpredictable shortages. Mind you at least in saying the problems will be over by Christmas Downing Street admits that… Read more

UK exports suffer huge slump since Brexit vote

This is the title of the piece in the ‘Daily Business’ – and it is no exaggeration. It continues: The Commons data shows the UK saw a decline in exports of -5.5% over five years, putting it behind 13 neighbouring countries: Ireland (+48.1%), Finland (+18.8%), Sweden (+15.5%), the Netherlands (+15%), Denmark (+14%), Luxembourg (+13.6%), Austria… Read more

Unless building back better is a metaphor…

It doesn’t look to have much prospect of coming about. The Independent reports: Builders are being forced to down tools amid a “perfect storm for construction” which is putting the UK’s economic recovery in doubt, industry groups have warned. The cost of building materials has soared by 20 per cent, exacerbating the problems facing an… Read more